WATCH: 'There's no one as Irish as Harry Kane': Striker nets Limerick music treatment

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts

LIMERICK’S Corrigan Brothers have released their own tribute to England striker Harry Kane, who has relatives in the county.

The Castletroy brothers – who have already written songs about a number of global stars – have now set their eyes on the Tottenham Hotspur and England star, whose maternal grandmother Theresa hails from Caherline.

One of the brothers, Ger Corrigan has rewritten the lyrics of his original smash hit, ‘There’s no-one as Irish as Barack Obama’, to instead say: ‘There’s no-one as Irish as Harry Kane’.

Ger said he wrote the song after reading the Limerick Leader story which confirmed the World Cup man’s Limerick heritage.

”I couldn’t believe it! We should be thrilled we have a genuine Limerick man making a global impact,” Ger enthused.

The song has initially been made available through YouTube, but Ger says if England go and win world soccer’s greatest prize, he will press it as a single for charity.

“When England won on Saturday evening [against Sweden], I instantly wrote the lyrics and then I recorded it in my back garden.

“My vision is, if Harry Kane comes to Limerick, we will have the Liam McCarthy Cup, the Golden Boot and the World Cup all out in Caherline.”

However, Ger – who forms the Corrigan Brothers with his sibling Tommy – believes Kane is not the best striker with heritage in Limerick.

That honour, he claims, must go to former Limerick FC striker Des Kennedy, who scored two goals in 1980 against European Champions Real Madrid.

“Harry has a lot more to do before he gets close,” Ger laughed.

Despite this, he added: “I’m hoping that when Harry retires from soccer, he comes to play Gaelic Football for Limerick!”

The brothers played at Washington parties ten years ago during the inauguration of former US president Obama, after their hit gained huge attention in the States.

The musical brothers have also immortalised a number of other people in song, including controversial Cardiff City FC owner Vincent Tan – with the pair travelling to the Welsh capital to meet the Malaysian businessman.

Former Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has also been given the Corrigan treatment, as has golfer Rory McIlroy.

Last month, they penned a piece for the Limerick hurling panel, who face a crunch All-Ireland last eight tie against Kilkenny this Sunday, throw in 2pm, to the tune of ‘We didn’t start the fire’, by Billy Joel.