WATCH: Limerick's Corrigan Brothers pay tribute to exciting young hurling side

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts

LIMERICK’S very own Corrigan brothers have put their own unique take on the Billy Joel classic ‘We didn’t start the fire’ by celebrating the county hurlers.

The Castletroy brothers’ have launched a fresh assault on the music scene with their tribute to the current panel.

Ger and Tommy Corrigan, who have previously paid tribute to former US president Barack Obama and Cardiff City owner Vincent Tan, have set their sights on their home city this time, basing their latest tune on the exciting young Limerick hurling side.

The song, which was recorded in St Michael’s Church at Denmark Street this week, references Limerick hurling legends Eamon Cregan and Eamon Grimes, as well as current stars Dan and Tom Morrissey, Seamus Flanagan, Declan Hannon and Nickie Quaid.

Speaking of the upbeat track, Tommy Corrigan says he hopes fans will sing it from the terraces as they continue their assault on a first All-Ireland title since 1973.

“Limerick fans are the best you can get, and it would make me so proud to see them singing our song,” he said.

“It’s made for terrace singing. It really is fit for the All-Ireland final,” Ger added, smiling.

The brothers teamed up with the Limerick Gospel Choir, and will release the video – also recorded this week in the presence of metropolitan mayor Sean Lynch – after the Limerick hurlers play in their preliminary quarter-final on July 7 or 8.

If Limerick get past Carlow or Westmeath, the song will then be pressed, Ger added.