Devoted Italian Cranberries fans to help ‘the next Dolores’ in Limerick

Jess Casey


Jess Casey

The late Dolores O’Riordan pictured in the early 1990s with bandmates Noel and Mike Hogan. A hometown tribute to the Cranberries frontwoman takes place in July Picture: O’Riordan Family

The late Dolores O’Riordan pictured in the early 1990s with bandmates Noel and Mike Hogan. A hometown tribute to the Cranberries frontwoman takes place in July Picture: O’Riordan Family

A DEDICATED group of Italian Cranberries fans are currently fundraising on behalf of a music education project in Limerick city, so that they can help to provide opportunities “for the next Dolores O’Riordan”.

CranberriesItalia, the official community of Italian fans of the Limerick band, want to honour the memory of the late Dolores O’Riordan, who died suddenly in January, by connecting with a musical project in her home city. 

The group has partnered with the Learning Hub Limerick in Thomondgate in the city, which offers music workshops in songwriting, musical instruments and singing for young people who otherwise might not get to experience making music.

“Do you know where Limerick is in the world? It is a small city in the the southwest of Ireland but famous to us as the birthplace and home of the Cranberries, a band loved by millions of people all over the world,” CranberriesItalia said. 

“It is where their band and music was born.

“Dolores has always been loved for her formidable voice and for her songs, which were passionate and moving, but she was also known for her generous spirit.

“As an artist and as a mother, she also showed her interest in supporting young people reaching their musical potential.

“We want to express our sympathy with her bandmates, her community and her city by connecting with a project in Limerick, the Learning Hub.

“This project aims to honour the memory of Dolores O’Riordan, a singer whose voice enchanted and inspired many throughout the world, by offering young people the opportunity to experience what it might be like to have a future as a singer, songwriter or musician.”

The group will finish the fundraising initiative for the project that began in March at the end of this month.

“The funds will be used to support music projects targeting young people in Limerick who may struggle to access music tuition and music education experiences,” the group explained.

In July, CranberriesItalia will travel to the city to visit the Learning Hub and attend the music workshops it offers.

“During the summer, the Learning Hub will offer workshops allowing young people the opportunity explore new talents and to express themselves through the medium of music and songwriting,” a spokesperson explained.

“Maybe they will meet new band mates or be inspired by each other to imagine themselves as the next Cranberries.

“We hope that his project will represent a powerful homage to Dolores, through music that was a milestone of her life, but also to her home city, which in these last months, showed her its deep love and affection.” 

Meanwhile, a hometown tribute to the late Dolores O’Riordan and the music of the Cranberries take place next month in Dolan’s in aid of a cause close to the late singer’s heart.

More than 20 artists from all over the country are to take part in I Heart the Cranberries at Dolan’s Pub on July 5, as part of Limerick Pride and in aid of women’s domestic abuse charity Adapt House and Limerick mental health services.

The popular ‘I Heart’ gig series usually takes place in Whelan’s in Dublin, however organisers decided that this very special showcase should take place in the home town of the late Ms O’Riordan.

Other events that have paid homage to departed artists included I Heart Bowie and I Heart Elliot Smith.

The gig will be raising money for mental health services, a cause that was close to the late singer’s heart, who often frankly discussed her own struggles with mental health. I Heart Cranberries also forms part of the Limerick Pride Festival. Tickets for the gig are already sold out.