N69 traffic review to help 'reclaim' Limerick village centre

Maria Flannery


Maria Flannery

Review: the N69 at Mungret village

Review: the N69 at Mungret village

A TRAFFIC review is due to be carried out by the local authority on N69 at Mungret, which it’s hoped will help locals to “reclaim” that side of the County Limerick village.

Local Fine Gael Cllr Daniel Butler, welcoming the news, is hoping that Transport Infrastructure Ireland will be able to work on reducing speeds on the straight stretch through the village following a review by the council.

While the side of Mungret that is not on the N69 has recently developed in huge strides, with new schools, a park and housing developments, the main road section of the village still makes it hard for people to walk to these facilities.

“Limerick City and County Council, which is the road authority for the area, has been requested to carry out a review of the N69 at Mungret village, with a view to identifying appropriate measures to improve safety at this location,” said a spokesperson for the TII.

Cllr Daniel Butler said he is hoping that “we can re-energise Mungret village” as developments with the schools and housing progress.

“As part of that, I believe we need to reclaim the N69 side of the village, by reducing speeds to the residential speed of 50km/h, to open it up to development but also to ensure safety for locals,” he said.

At present, the N69 going through Mungret has a speed limit of 50km/h, but the limit “is regularly breached” because it is a straight, wide thoroughfare.

“Mungret village over the last numbers of years has undergone serious renewal and growth, with the addition of two primary schools and a secondary, a new park and playground with plans for an athletics track, an expansion of Mungret St Paul's GAA, and the advent of broadband supply,” said Cllr Butler.

“I believe that after I was able to work to secure improved broadband services, and with local developments progressing, that Mungret Village is ripe for investment and a great location for small businesses while protecting the village environment,” he added.

“With the commitment of the review by TII with Limerick council on the N69, it opens up that part of the village which has capacity for growth and will allow us to develop a clear strategy for a beautiful village just on the outskirts of the city, a valuable and ideal location.”

The roads in Mungret have undergone extensive works over the last year, but the majority of the work has taken place near Mungret college, away from the N69.

The N69 through Mungret experiences a high volume of traffic every day, in its function as the main route to the city from much of West Limerick and Kerry.