Plans for 'high-end' apartment complex in Limerick are revealed

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts


Plans for 'high-end' apartment complex in Limerick are revealed

A graphic illustration of the proposed development

AMBITIOUS plans have been unveiled for a towering apartment complex on the northside of Limerick city.

The Limerick Leader can reveal that Clarisford Investments is to seek planning permission for 50 new flats in a multi-storey development at the Clonmacken Road, on the site of a former bed-and-breakfast, just yards away from the Jetland Shopping Centre.

A spokesperson for Michael Fitzpatrick, the architectural firm engaged on the project said: “We want to create a new architectural language for that site. It will be a high-end contemporary apartment scheme.”

But concerns have been raised by local councillor Olivia O’Sullivan at the fact the development is designated as build to rent, with locals fearing it might pave the way for more student accommodation.

However, the architect’s representatives say they are looking at “professionals” to occupy the homes.

The planning application, which will formally be lodged with the council shortly will see the apartments in a single block ranging in height from three to six storeys over a basement.

Some 26 one-bedroom apartments are planned, 20 two-room apartments, and four studio apartments all with their own private balcony.

“We are proposing a gym, a communal lounge, a semi inside/outside areas, laundry facilities and dedicated parking and bicycle facilities, with high-end material finishes,” said the spokesman for Mike Fitzpatrick architects.

“At the end of the day, it’s to better the area,” they added.

Adam Kearney, AK Planning, the agent for Clarisford Investments added: “It is important to note that the apartments proposed are generously proportioned and in excess of the minimum guidelines.”

Cllr O’Sullivan said: “This is a very settled residential area. I just wonder what is the thinking behind specifying these apartments as buy-to-rent, and who is the accommodation targetted at?”

The Cllr also expressed concern at the inevitable increase in traffic.