WATCH: Limerick FC owner Pat O'Sullivan says the club 'will be fine'

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Leader Reporter


WATCH: Limerick FC owner Pat O'Sullivan says Limerick FC will be 'fine'

LIMERICK FC owner Pat O'Sullivan has told RTE Sport that the club will be 'fine'. The club's biggest investor told RTE's Tony O'Donoghue today that he "didn't have a clue' whether the players were going to ballot with the PFAI for strike action following the delay in payment of their wages. The decision to ballot was confirmed by the Times this afternoon. (Click here)

"The situation with Limerick is lovely" O'Sullivan commented. "The club will be fine, don't worry about it, the club will be fine" he continued, while also saying that he was confident the investors, lead by Sean Connor, would get over the line also. 

The comments come just hours after Sean Russell (link here) told 98fm that he still has not been paid his outstanding medical bills and that his wages have been left uncleared in his bank account. The midfielder also claimed that he received a text message from a club official stating that a "solicitors letter" was on its way following Russell's last interview on 98fm with Jamie Moore. 

See RTE's tweet above.