Catholic Institute's ‘Tennis in the Park’ offers free Tennis for all

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Catholic Institute's ‘Tennis in the Park’ offers free Tennis for all

AS Wimbledon begins this week, attention, as always, turns to Tennis.

Tennis coach Bryan Stewart and the people at the Catholic Institute Athletic Club have announced that ‘Tennis in the Park’, will take place in Limerick this weekend July 7 and 8.

Bringing tennis in a new direction, Mungret Park will be the venue for this event dedicated to kids and families. Taking place from 10am - 1pm each day, the event is free to all participants, with rackets and balls provided.

“I’ve been giving free schools sessions locally. I have noticed time and again that 80 to 90% of kids have never played Tennis before and even more have never played in a Tennis club. We want to change this. We want to bring Tennis to people and give them the chance to see how much fun and easy it is to play, no matter what age. Tennis in the Park is about changing Tennis in Limerick.” added Bryan Stewart.

Originally from Mountmellick, Co. Laois, Bryan has been coaching Tennis in Limerick for over 10 years.

Based in Limerick Lawn at first moved to CIAC as Head Coach in August 2016.

Having coached national and Munster inter provincial teams as well as numerous Irish champions, Stewart feels his most important impact can be on getting more rackets out and into more hands in Limerick.

The Tennis in the Park initiative is something that is being part run by CIAC.

Founded in 1910 and originally set up to give local catholic boys and girls the opportunity to play what were then known as ‘Anglican’ sports (Cricket, Hockey, Tennis and in later years Squash), CIAC now welcomes all and all play there.

A transformation has occurred over the last few years with CIAC taking its place at the front of Munster Tennis. With its six new ‘blue’ Tennis courts (a first in Ireland), the hiring of a new Head Coach and the developing of a coaching team, CIAC continues in its aspiration to move forward with new lighting and clubhouse on the way.

This last 12 months, the club hosted two Munster Tennis finals days as well as its own Limerick Open tournament, now one of the biggest tournaments in the Munster calendar.

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