Dodge urges calm with new short game

LIMERICK midfielder Donal O’Grady has said his team need to trust their new short-passing style of game, and that they will continue to improve with time.

LIMERICK midfielder Donal O’Grady has said his team need to trust their new short-passing style of game, and that they will continue to improve with time.

The Granagh-Ballingarry man, who scored two points from play against Wexford and built on his impressive displays against Clare in the Division 2 league final and Waterford in the Munster championship, said Limerick have to stick to the style even if the crowd are urging a more direct approach at times.

“You can see sometimes when we’re trying to play this short game that the crowd are urging us on to be more direct and are getting anxious,” he said after the game on Saturday night. “Especially when Kevin Downes is doing so well inside there.

“But we’re trying to stick to the game plan now and we have to trust it. If we don’t buy into it, it won’t work out. “Obviously it’s going to break down sometimes because it’s our first year doing it but we have to stick with it and if we do, we’ll get better at it. I’d be reasonably happy with tonight.”

O’Grady is central to Limerick’s new style but he still knows the importance of supplying Downes, and their most dangerous forwards, with high quality ball.

“Kevin mightn’t have got the scores tonight but he was very involved and he really is a class act,” he added. “You can feel the buzz of the crowd when the ball goes in. He’s a great addition to us - he’s a target man and he’s an outlet for us. Maybe one thing we could complain about is that we don’t get enough good ball into him.”

And while he admitted that it was hard to get over the heart-breaking defeat to Waterford, he was full of praise for the Limerick supporters who turned out in such large numbers on Saturday night.

“It took us a while to get over the Waterford one alright. In fairness to the management they got us right. Mistakes that day cost us and I suppose there was a bit of pressure going in today but we felt if we performed well then we were capable of beating Wexford.

“The home draw was a help. We felt after the Waterford game that the supporters were happy with the performance because they didn’t know what to expect but we felt we could have beaten Waterford. It was disappointing not to beat them but we were expecting a big crowd and there was pressure on us to perform.

“There was a great Limerick crowd there today. It was all Limerick and it makes a huge difference.

“We should have been further ahead at half time and we knew that. We missed a couple of goal chances. But at the same time, we knew Wexford were going to be sticky because they’re a physical team.”

Team captain Gavin O’Mahony was also happy to cleanse the disappointment of the Waterford game from their system.

“We spent so long training for the Waterford match and there’s was nothing else in our head for weeks and then we had to pick it up again straight away,” said the Kilmallock man.

“It’s all about winning. You’d like to think that a win would do wonders for the spirit.

“It was very hard going back after losing to Waterford. The way we lost was really sickening.

“Our own mistakes kept Wexford in it at times but I felt we hurled well tonight.

“We went in at half time two points up and we should have been further. At the same time that probably kept us awake and we had a great start to the second half.

“The last day a couple of lads had an off day and we needed more to chip in. Today I think all of the forwards scored and that’s the way you want it. Kevin Downes hurled very well and he made a lot of play.”