Confusion over miles and kilometres proves costly for Limerick motorist

David Hurley


David Hurley


Confusion over miles and kilometers proves costly for Limerick motorist

Details of the detection were posted on social media | Picture: Twitter / @gardatraffic

A MOTORIST who was caught driving almost 60kph above the speed limit was driving an imported car with a speedometer calibrated to display speeds in miles per hour and not kilometres per hour.

According to a tweet posted by gardai this Sunday afternoon, members of the divisional traffic corps stopped the vehicle after it was detected travelling at 139kph in an 80kph zone.

“Driver forgot imported car speedometer was in Mph!,” stated the tweet which was posted on the official @gardatraffic Twitter account.

It’s not known where in Limerick the offence, which attracts a fine and penalty points, was detected.

For the record, 139kph is just over 86mph.