Limerick Council accused of ‘ignoring’ local knowledge on speed limits

David Hurley


David Hurley

The council was criticised for its decision to retain the 50km/h limit which is in force on Condell Road

The council was criticised for its decision to retain the 50km/h limit which is in force on Condell Road

COUNCILLORS in Limerick’s Metropolitan District say they are disappointed that several submissions relating to draft special speed limit by-laws have been rejected by council engineers.

The draft by-laws were published earlier this year following a review which was carried out by the local authority.

Once adopted, the new by-laws will prescribe where special speed limits, such as 30km/h or 60km/h will apply.

While more than a dozen submissions were received from councillors, members of the public and other bodies, only a small number of changes have been proposed.

Councillors from the Castletroy area were unanimous in their criticism of the decision not to reduce the 60km/h limit which currently applies at Mountshannon Road.

Cllr Joe Pond, who made a formal submission, told Monday’s meeting the road is being used as a “rat run” by commuters and that people in the area are very concerned.

In its report to councillors, the local authority stated that under national guidelines reduced speed limits are “not appropriate” for rural roads such as Mountshannon Road.

Expressing his disappointment at the response, Cllr Pond said local knowledge should “trump national guidelines” while Cllr Marian Hurley agreed saying people are “taking their lives in their hands” when travelling on the road.

“It’s a nightmare, it can’t be left at 60km/h,” she said adding that she was disappointed that her submissions in relation to stretches of road near Ahane and Drombanna were dismissed.

The council was also criticised for its decision to retain  the  50km/h limit which is in force on Condell Road.

The reasoning for maintaining the current limit is due to the presence of a cycle lane which is not separated from the main carriageway.

Cllr John Gilligan said the 50km/h limit is “ridiculous” while Councillor Malachy McCreesh said the limit “does not make sense”.

Cllr Paul Keller expressed his frustration that more than half of the submissions received in relation to the draft by-laws were rejected and he called on council officials to give more consideration to local knowledge rather than national guidelines. 

A detailed submission from the operators of the Limerick Tunnel calling has been referred to Transport Infrastructure Ireland.