Iconic ‘eye-pop’ mural in Limerick city defaced for a third time

Fintan Walsh


Fintan Walsh



Iconic ‘eye-pop’ mural in Limerick city defaced a third time

'Ugly insult': The mural has been defaced for a third time PICTURE: ADRIAN BUTLER

THE ICONIC ‘eye-pop’ mural in Limerick city has been defaced for a third time in less than two months.

In late August, a vandal used black spray paint to cause significant damage to the massive mural on Nicholas Street.

This was less than a month after someone wrote on the wall with marker, saying: “This is ugly, no consultation”.

On Sunday, a number of people shared pictures on social media, to their disgust, of the mural being significantly defaced once again.

This time, the vandal used grey-silver spray paint to write: “Ugly insult we live here too no consultaton [sic]”.

After the mural was defaced the first time in July, councillors John Costelloe and Michael Sheahan called for the mural to be removed and replaced with something of “more relevance” to the area.

However, both Metropolitan Mayor Cllr Daniel Butler and Mayor of Limerick City and County Council, Cllr James Collins believe the mural should be here to stay.

“The Eye Scream mural is iconic. Owner John Fitzgerald has told me it is here to stay. In fact, I believe we should have more of them. We should have a trail of murals depcting Limerick’s characters and stories throughout the city,” he told the Leader in August. 

Cllr Daniel Butler said a number of weeks ago that he was “totally disgusted and appalled” by the act of vandalism. 

“It is a valued resource in the city amongst the public. For someone to go to this level of effort to cause that level of damage, really at this stage, can only make one feel angry and disappointed.”

It is not known if the three acts of vandalism have been caused by the same individual or group.