Thirsty work: Limerick spring water company sees ‘unbelievable’ rise in demand

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan

Mike Sutton, director of Ishka in Ballyneety, said their wells are being put to the test

Mike Sutton, director of Ishka in Ballyneety, said their wells are being put to the test

IT’S THIRSTY work producing and bottling water at the moment.

The over 30 staff at Ishka Natural Spring Water in Ballyneety are working seven days a week to try and keep up with demand.

Mike Sutton, director, said it is hard to believe the volume of orders that have come through 

“We had one customer last Thursday looking for 40 containers for this Thursday and Friday. That’s 40 truck loads. It is physically impossible for us to do it at this late stage. That is the kind of demand that is out there for the product,” said Mr Sutton.

He said since the heatwave started they have seen a 125% rise compared to this time last year.

They are working to the maximum and have made a number of part-time staff full-time.

Ishka supplies Aldi, Lidl, Musgrave Group, Super Valu, Centra, Supermacs to name but a few.

Naturally filtered through Ballyneety bedrock is there any possibility the well could run dry?

“We have four wells on site and deep wells – 179 metres plus. 

“Generally when you get water at that depth you are going to have water for a long time. That’s what the hydrologist tells us anyway - we’re hoping he is right!

“We’re putting the wells to the test. If these wells keep up now they will never let us down,” said Mr Sutton.

While Ishka has seen a huge increase in demand the council’s lawnmowers have been put of business. N

evertheless, their parks staff have been kept busy said a spokesperson.

“Grasscutting has been suspended presently and will commence subject to change in weather conditions. 

“The flower baskets on our bridges and flower displays in the city centre are in full bloom but the maintenance of them has been challenging during the past few weeks.

“Trees especially those newly planted are under stress and there probably will be some losses due to the severe drought conditions.

“Our parks have been thronged during this fine spell of weather and  we would encourage people to use them for a stroll or relaxation,” said the spokesperson.