Limerick court hears that defendant is ‘a danger to himself’

Norma Prendiville


Norma Prendiville

Judge Mary Larkin

Judge Mary Larkin

A FOYNES man with 60 previous convictions was described as “more than a nuisance” when he appeared before Judge Mary Larkin at Newcastle West court to face further charges. 

“He is a danger to himself and everyone else going the roads,” the judge said. 

Before her was Trevor Wall, 22 Woodvale, Foynes who had been in custody since March 20. 

Earlier, Inspector Alan Cullen said that last March 13, the defendant had entered the Centra foodstore in Foynes and stole a can of cider which was never recovered. The following day, he went back  with the pretext of purchasing food but was told to leave as he had been barred. 

“He threatened the shop owner saying he would clear the shop out,” the inspector said. 

Days later, on March 18, again at Centra, the defendant concealed eight cans of beer under his jacket and left without paying. The property was not recoverd. The total value of losses was €15, the inspector said. 

Solicitor Michael O’Donnell handed over €10, saying it was all his client had.

“He is only 24 but has accumulated a massive amount of convictions,” Mr O'Donnell admitted. His client had been homeless he said but was now receiving help from home.  He had tried on a number of occasions to give up drink, he said. 

Judge Larkin sentenced Wall to two weeks’ imprisonment backdated to March 20 on the charge of threatening and abusive behaviour at  Centra on March 14.

She sentenced him to a month’s imprisonment, suspended, on the theft and fraud charge at Centra on March 18 and took the theft charge on March 13 into consideration. The judge ordered Wall to take directions from the Probation Service for six months.