My favourite Limerick Christmas memory is...

Well-known local people reflect on their stand-out festive moments

Aine Fitzgerald


Aine Fitzgerald

Sweet Christmas for Celia thanks to her gran's house of treats

Sweet Christmas for Celia thanks to her gran's house of treats

Model agent Celia Holman Lee

Sweet Christmas for Celia thanks to her gran's house of treats

THEY are gone a long time now but there were these sweet boxes like little houses.

When I was living on Carey’s Road with my grandmother (Elizabeth Meehan) and my mother (Kathleen Meehan). There was a shop called Hanrahan’s - people will remember it.

My grandmother would buy this little box at Christmas. It was like a doll’s house and it was cardboard. There were sweets in it. It always stays in my mind.

You do see replicas of that kind of thing now and every time I see them that memory crosses my mind. She would have it wrapped. There were glass sweets inside in it - sucky sweets. I always remember the excitement I felt when the box was handed over to me.

Rugby referee Joy Neville

Santa brings scooter and great joy to Neville house

Christmas is the best time of year for me. Time just flies by during the year. Christmas for me allows us spend the time with our friends and family. Those important to us.

l always remember the Christmas when I was about eight or nine years old and I got a scooter from Santa.

Apparently all my brothers put it together the night before. To me, It was the best present ever.

I just remember going for a walk with my mum and dad as I scooted along. Just a fond memory that I will always treasure.

Bishop of Limerick Brendan Leahy

Mystery of Christmas ushered in

A magic moment in my house each Christmas Eve was the lighting of a big candle on a table in front of a window in the front room.

I grew up in Dublin but my mother and father came from West Kerry and with a tinge of nostalgia they would conjure up for us children the scene of their youth with pre-electricity darkness suddenly giving way to the gradual spread of twinkling lights all over the parish of Ballyferriter.

We could almost see through their eyes the night blackness pierced by warm lights to welcome the child Jesus, Mary and Joseph. In telling and retelling the story each year, the sacred ritual touched a deep chord. The mystery of Christmas was gently ushered in.

Metro Mayor Sean Lynch

Sean’s dream of a white Christmas comes true

I remember waking up to a white Christmas as a young boy and then heading out hunting the wren at home up around the Loughmore area (Co Tipperary).

I remember locals and friends heading off to hunt the wren in the snow, singing songs and we’d come home then and the milking machine would be frozen and we would have to milk the cows by hand. And I always remember listening to I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas - my favourite Christmas song.

Jon Kenny, actor and comedian

Welcoming siblings to the Kenny household

I was the only one at home at one time. I was the second youngest and it just so happened that I was the only one of the children at home for a while.

I have three sisters and a brother. The two oldest in the family were gone away and my brother Tom was gone away and for some reason Deirdre was away as well. I remember there was great excitement seeing the rest of the lads home for Christmas.

It was lovely. It really was something to look forward to - there was an excitement about it.

They had gone out into the world doing their thing and there was great excitement to have them back and hear all about their travels. It meant more to me than anything.