WATCH: Emergency services in road safety appeal to Limerick students

David Hurley


David Hurley


WATCH: Emergency services in road safety appeal to Limerick students

A woman is removed on a stretcher having been taken from a car during the Lifesaver Project road safety demonstration

GARDAI are appealing to young drivers to slow down and obey the rules of the road in an effort to improve road safety.

The appeal was made as hundreds of students from schools across the city and county attended a road-safety demonstration at the South Court Hotel as part of the Lifesaver Project.

Now in its tenth year, the initiative is an honest and hard-hitting account of the reality of road safety and is especially targeted at students and young people who are about to embark on their driving careers or who travel in cars with young friends.

As part of the multi-agency initiative, members of the emergency services replicated a two-car collision, involving a fatality and a drink-driver followed by a “hard hitting” presentation.

“It is is quite difficult but it is what kids need to know about – the dangers of using the roads, about drink-driving, speeding and driving while uninsured,” said Rory McDemott of Limerick City and Council Council.

Gardai and paramedics from the National Ambulance Service also took part in the demonstration along with crews from Limerick Fire and Rescue Service.

“Young people need to see this, usually we get a couple of fainters because they are so traumatised at what they see but it is important because they are becoming drivers, they are (aged) 16-17,  getting their licences and L PLates and N Plates,” said John Lyons, station officer at Rathkeale Fire Station.