Parking fines down by 28% in Limerick

Maria Flannery


Maria Flannery


Parking fines down by 28% in Limerick

Limerick City and County Council says 11,417 parking fines were issued last year

THE number of parking fines issued in Limerick has been steadily decreasing over the last three years – and the trend looks set to continue for 2017.

According to figures released by Limerick City and County Council, the income received through fines was almost €150,000 less in 2016 than in 2013.

However, it is unclear whether the decrease in fines is due to a decrease in traffic wardens on the beat, or better behaviour by Limerick motorists.

The figures, obtained by Josh Prenderville of Limerick’s Live 95fm under the Freedom of Information Act, also revealed that Limerick city’s O’Connell Street, Henry Street, Catherine Street and Roches Street are the places where the most fines are issued in descending order. William Street has also yielded a high volume of tickets.

In 2013, the amount of tickets issued was 15,811 - a figure which has gradually come down to 11,417 in 2016.

This represents a decrease of around 28 percent in that time period.

In 2013, the sum generated by parking fines was around €600,000, and in 2014, it had decreased to €550,000.

One year later, in 2015, the income stood at €476,000, while in 2016, it had come down again to €458,000.

In the first five months of this year, Limerick City and County Council issued 4,615 tickets - an average of around 900 a month. Around €178,000 has been generated in that time.

If this rate continues, it will lead to around 11,000 tickets - and  €426,000 - by this year’s end.

Sixty percent of all fines last year were given for displaying an invalid disc or no disc at all, the figures found.

Over 900 tickets were issued last year for parking on double yellow lines, while over 400 were issued for the same offence in the first five months of this year.

Another common parking offence was the parking of a vehicle in a loading bay – for which there were 993 tickets issued in 2016. While 292 people parked in a disabled parking space last year, and 144 until May of this year.