Dell to locate first European internet lab in Limerick

Alan Owens


Alan Owens

Investment: Aongus Hegarty, President, Dell EMEA with Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan TD at the Limerick plant recently. Picture: Don Moloney / Press 22
DELL has today announced that its first dedicated Internet of Things (IoT) lab to be based outside of the US is to be located at its operation in Limerick.

DELL has today announced that its first dedicated Internet of Things (IoT) lab to be based outside of the US is to be located at its operation in Limerick.

The lab - the first of its kind in Europe beyond its Santa Clara, California equivalent in the US - will, Dell said in a statement, “enable customers to create innovative, industry-leading solutions”.

Dell said it would be adding resources and forming a new product division focused exclusively on creating “leadership IoT solutions” in Limerick and was also launching the division’s first product release, a gateway designed to help customers “kick-start their solution development and begin realising the value of IoT immediately”.

“As a global end-to-end solutions provider, Dell can support OEMs throughout their entire product lifecycle, from endpoints, networking, compute, and storage to large scale data management, analytics software and services,” said Dermot O’Connell, executive director and general manager, OEM Solutions, Dell EMEA.

“In Limerick, customers will have a flexible and scalable foundation for developing market-ready solutions with a trusted, reliable partner. Our specialists in the lab can reduce the complexity of IT and help customers to bring their ideas to life.”

The Dell IoT lab is open to customers and partners now, the company said.

Dell recently announced the creation of 100 new positions at the computer giant’s plant in Limerick, a move which will see the firm’s headcount smash through 1,000 people here.

The highly skilled engineering roles, it said, are in research and development with the Texas-based firm seeking software engineering graduates, with team in Limerick focusing on creating more ease and flexibility in the end-to-end customer journey including the sales experience - which ties into the establishment of the IoT centre here.

Paul Walsh, Dell’s chief information officer, said in April that company founder Michael Dell was “really excited about what we are doing in Limerick. He has a great affinity to Limerick and is excited about this phase of our development. If you guys were not doing what you are doing, there would not be this investment.”

Speaking to the media, Mr Walsh said the company was boosting its investment here because of “the talent we have seen here. We have some great technical talent. We have been working with the colleges to identify software engineers and computer engineers. With the talent we already have, we want to augment this with more high-end software engineers”.

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