Theatre Lovett's 'fantastic theatricality' celebrated at Limerick's Bualadh Bos

Alan Owens


Alan Owens

Julie Maguire and Louis Lovett in They Called Her Vivaldi, which takes place in the Belltable on October 17 and 18 as part of the 2017 Bualadh Bos Festival

Julie Maguire and Louis Lovett in They Called Her Vivaldi, which takes place in the Belltable on October 17 and 18 as part of the 2017 Bualadh Bos Festival

THEATRE Lovett, who return to Limerick for the Bualadh Bos children’s festival with a new show this month, aim to make memories for kids - old and those young at heart alike - that they hope will “last forever”.

Louis Lovett, the actor who played the translator for the visit of Royal de Luxe’s Granny to Limerick in 2014 and who has returned with the company he founded with wife Muireann Ahern Lovett, who hails from Newcastle West, to the city on several occasions, says Theatre Lovett “take the ridiculous very seriously” in all that they do.

The company are back for Bualadh Bos with They Called Her Vivaldi, an upbeat comedy-adventure telling the tale of sensitive musical-prodigy Cecilia Maria Haberdasher and her remarkable gift for bringing songs to life.

When her “incredible hat” goes missing, she sets off on a journey to find it and rediscover her gift for song, which she loses when the hat is stolen.

“The hat was much more than a musical companion, it protected her, it made her feel safe and warm and protected - and without it, she feels she can hardly set foot outside the front door,” says Louis.

“Thus begins an incredible quest and that adventure turns into a detective story almost, where she eventually catches up with the arch criminal who has actually stolen the hat,” he laughs.

Featuring Lovett himself and Cork actress Julie Maguire, the fanastical show typifies everything that Lime Tree boss Louise Donlon and Belltable programme manager hope to achieve with the children’s festival, returning to both venues for a fourth consecutive year and bringing top class theatre to the city for a younger and family audiences.

“With all of our work, you do not need to be a child or to have a child with you to go,” says Louis.

“It is a genuinely professional piece of quality entertainment that is highly theatrical. We celebrate theatricality, we bring years of experience and craft to it. One thing we do is take the ridiculous very seriously. Some of this action within the plays might appear to be fantastic or slightly ridiculous, but we play it with the utmost conviction.

“We want to make memories for children, we want them to look back on a Theatre Lovett play when they are older, and maybe they might have forgotten the name of the show or the company, but they won’t forget the feeling that they had when they were a certain age and that is something that I hope will last forever.”

- They Called Her Vivaldi, takes place in the Belltable on October 17 and 18 as part of the 2017 Bualadh Bos Festival, which runs from October 10-21

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