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Seventeen films on TV this week that will do you good

19 films on TV this week to help you ignore that darkening sky

Ronan O'Meara gives his picks of the week

Ahead of the lifting of the 5km travel limit on Monday, Ronan O'Meara has been scouring the TV schedules to find films to watch.

Here are 17 to choose from....enjoy!

Enemy Of The State: Saturday, Sony Movies @ 9pm

A murder is accidentally caught on film and when the evidence is slipped to a lawyer without his knowledge, he finds himself running for his life while trying to uncover a conspiracy that reaches the higher echelons of Washington politics. Will Smith and Tony Scott combine their talents to give us a winning Saturday night watch. It's exciting, it's funny and it all leads to a satisfying climax. Gene Hackman, Regina King, Jason Lee, Lisa Bonet and many many more all do well.

The Shallows: Saturday, Channel 4 @ 11.25pm

While surfing by herself in a deserted Mexican cove, Nancy is attacked by a great white shark. Trapped on a tiny rocky outcrop she must use her wits to survive the encounter. This is agreeable stuff, scary, nerve wracking and of course spectacularly silly (do not watch this expecting anything serious) but Blake Lively as Nancy sells the fear and eventually the inner strength needed to take on mother nature at her fiercest. 

Queen Of Katwe: Sunday, BBC1 @ 2.35pm

A slum in the Uganda city of Kampala is where Phiona's story begins, when her teacher introduces her to the game of chess and it opens a gateway to a whole new world for her. This 2016 drama is a perfect Sunday afternoon watch for all the family. It can be upsetting in places as social classes clash but it's also hugely humane and uplifting when they becomes transcended. Madina Nalwanga, Lupita Nyong'o and David Oyelowo do lovely work.

Rebecca: Sunday, Talking Pictures TV @ 2.55pm

Alfred Hitchcock's fantastic adaption of the Daphne Du Maurier novel is about a new bride trying to deal with the presence of her husband's dead first wife in her new home. A wonderful looking and very influential film led by magnificent turns from Laurence Oliver, Joan Fontaine and especially Judith Anderson as the looming Mrs Danvers. Quite different to Hitchcock's other films in tone and all the more enjoyable for it.

Tigerland: Sunday, TCM @ 9pm

A young infantry recruit training for Vietnam in 1971 Louisiana tries to fight back against the system but the system is having none of it. This is the film that made Colin Farrell a star. He's just magnetic in the role of the rebellious Boz and IMO no film since has used his potential as much as this one did. An excellent evocation of a very turbulent period. Watch out for Michael Shannon & Shea Whigham in early roles.

My Cousin Rachel: Sunday, Channel 4 @ 10.55pm

After his cousin who raised him from childhood dies, a man sets out to get revenge on the woman who may have killed him. But like most things in life it's far easier said than done. Especially when said cousin looks like Rachel Weisz. Like Rebecca above this is adapted from a book by Daphne Du Maurier and it is an atmospheric and beautiful looking mystery about the power of seduction and control. Sam Claflin as the lead does well but Weisz owns this story.

Brothers Of The Head: Monday, Film4 @ 1.55am

Barry and Tom are conjoined twins and Nick Sidney is going to make them famous. On his terms though, definitely not on theirs. Using the same mockumentary format that worked so well for This Is Spinal Tap this time we get a story from the world of punk and the lunacy that existed within. It's not fully successful and it will offend some but it's a watchable oddity led by a pair of mighty performances from real life brothers Luke and Harry Treadaway.

Master And Commander : The Far Side Of The World: Monday, Film4 @ 9pm 

Russell Crowe stars in this epic adaption of the Patrick O'Brian's book as the captain of a ship tasked with chasing down a French battleship during the Napoleonic wars. A cracking adventure packed full of tension and action, gorgeous scenery and naval detail. This is still Crowe's finest role (imo) but Paul Bettany more than holds his own as the ship's doctor. Really worth a watch. Oh and turn up your speakers because this will give them a real workout.

Detroit: Monday, TG4 @ 9.30pm

Detroit, Michigan. The Algiers motel. 1967. A group of teenagers get caught up in the aftermath of a race riot and have the misfortune to come into contact with a group of police officers. Based on real life this Kathryn Bigelow drama is a harsh, tense look at race relations in the US of A. John Boyega and an unsettling Will Poulter lead a cast full of faces you'll recognise. Not a film you could enjoy but an important one nonetheless.

Re-Animator: Tuesday, The Horror Channel @ 11.10pm

80's horror at its best in this tale of a psychotic student scientist who has figured out the secret to re-animating dead flesh. Everything goes pear shaped. In the goriest way possible. A very entertaining film if you have a strong stomach and a willingness to just go with the bizarre onscreen events. Jeffrey Combs has the role of a lifetime as the man with the plan. Don't watch this if you are in any way squeamish.

His Girl Friday: Wednesday, Talking Pictures TV @ 12.30am

Hildy's a reporter. Walter's her boss. Hildy wants a divorce from her husband. Her husband Walter. Hildy wants to remarry. Walter is appalled at the idea. This is brilliant fun, a classic from the Golden Era of Hollywood that's filled with imminently quotable dialogue, stellar showings from Rosalind Russell and Cary Grant and it all moves so fast you won't be able to look away from the screen for a second.

Get Carter: Wednesday, ITV4 @ 11.15pm

Jack Carter isn't a man to be messed with and when he travels north to investigate his brother's death in Newcastle you know things aren't going to end well. For anyone. This is a crime masterpiece. Edgy, darkly funny, brutally violent and packed to the brim with dialogue you'll recognise even if you haven't seen the film before. Michael Caine is stunning in the lead role & the supporting cast is full of faces you'll remember.

Chef: Thursday, Channel 4 @ 1.50am

Until a confrontation with a restaurant blogger went viral Carl used to own a successful restaurant. Now he's on the road with a food truck, his son and his best friend and he's trying to fall in love with cooking again. This comedy drama from writer/director/star Jon Favreau is a delightful watch and one you'll want to enjoy with food beside you because you will be starving during it. Seriously, be prepared. Stockpile tayto's.

Animals: Thursday, Film4 @ 9pm

A pair of best friends called Laura & Tyler are living the good life in Dublin fuelled by drink and drugs. They are inseparable and Laura's family has taken the American Tyler under their wing. Then Laura gets engaged and things start to change. A fine film about friendships and the ups and downs they must endure if they have to evolve. Holliday Grainger and a gleaming Alia Shawkat rock the leads and it's always nice to see Pat Shortt and Olwen Fouéré onscreen.

Dead Calm: Thursday, TCM @ 11.50pm

Following a life altering tragedy, a couple on a boating holiday at sea take in the survivor of a boat wreck. Of course things go sideways. Don't they always. A blistering thriller that never gets dull despite being mostly set onboard a small ship. Believable performances and a tonne of tension make this a nail biting watch. Nicole Kidman and Sam Neill are in wicked form as the couple and Billy Zane makes for a memorable baddie

3.10 To Yuma: Friday, TG4 @ 9.05pm

Infamous outlaw Ben Wade has been captured and is to be taken to Yuma by train to be hanged. Rancher Dan Evans needs money so takes a job escorting Ben to his death. Ben is an infamous outlaw for a reason though. This 2007 remake of the classic western of the same name is more bombastic and over the top than the original but a brace of committed performances from Christian Bale, Russell Crowe and Ben Foster override any of the silliness.

Shot Caller: Friday, Film4 @ 11.45pm

A stupid decision at a restaurant changes the course of Harlan's life and when he ends up in prison he has to make a decision that will change his family's life forever. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau does solid work in this damning indictment of the US penal system, a place where rehabilitation is a mere theory and violence is the only currency. A tough but worthwhile watch. Lake Bell, Jon Bernthal and a scary Holt McCallany offer strong support.

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