BMW goes green with the new i3 electric model


BMW goes green with the new i3 electric model

Impressive: The 2021 BMW i3 has a range of 153 miles with its 42.2-kWh battery pack. That's comfortable getting from to Limerick to Dublin on a full charge

AT Conlans BMW Limerick, we are committed to more sustainable forms of transport and reducing our carbon footprint in line with Ireland’s target of halving it’s greenhouse gases by 2030.

The BMW i3 embodies this new attitude towards mobility. It is based on a unified approach revolving around the vehicle at all stages, including development, production, and recycling. Many of the materials are made of renewable resources – and the BMW i3 is manufactured with 100% energy from renewable sources. Starting at just over €44,000, it is eligible for the SEAI Grant of up to €5,000 contribution to help you make the switch to green energy.

The BMW i3 makes it very easy for you to implement sustainability into your everyday life. When it's being driven, it emits no emissions. This reduces the air pollution in cities and provides you with more fresh air to breathe. If you fill up with "green energy" or generate your own energy using solar cells, you can consistently be out and about without emissions. ECO PRO mode increases the range and generally reduces energy consumption.

The BMW i3 has everything you need to combat the challenges of modern mobility – and to outmatch them in silence. It charges 80% of its high-voltage battery at a quick-charging station in just 42 minutes. Its intelligent energy management makes it flexible and highly efficient, both in city traffic and on longer trips.

Getting ahead has never been so easy: the BMW i3 can cover 260 kilometres in a day with its extended range. The new high-performance battery now supplies the electric engine with even more energy – and you get even more electric driving pleasure.

Along with the fully electric i3 and fully electric MINI Cooper, Conlans offers a vast range of Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) vehicles that include the highly sought-after BMW 3 series, 5 series and X models. Intelligent interplay between the traditional combustion engine and electric motor enables a saving in fuel to be achieved, lowers exhaust emissions and provides an exceptional driving sensation.

N. Conlan & Sons is a business that originates from a strong family background and our goal is to ensure that the future is as green and healthy for you and your family. Call us: 061-422600 to arrange a viewing or a Test Drive

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