Limerick graduate Michelle Moloney King is finding her 'literary voice'

Martin Mongan


Martin Mongan


Limerick graduate Michelle Moloney King is finding her 'literary voice'

UNIVERSITY of Limerick graduate Michelle Moloney King has received a Pushcart Nomination from an American poetry journal.

The Pushcart Prize is an American literary prize published by Pushcart Press that honours the best poetry, short fiction, essays or literary works published in the small presses over the previous year.

Michelle, from Cashel, started creative writing after finishing her degree in computer science from University of Limerick in 2005 but paused it until she completed her post-graduate in teaching in 2011.

Having a degree in computers enabled her to create her own website in 2012 and this led to the foundation of two poetry journals on the Irish literary scene, Beir Bua and Kingz Daily Poetry Journals in late 2020. This degree also led to meeting her Limerick husband, who has since nicknamed her The Lockdown Poet.

Michelle wrote about writing and interviewed writers for her popular blog but found it difficult to find her own literary voice.

Lockdown forced Michelle to dig deeper and that's how she started working on poetry. Taking it seriously she enrolled in poetry courses, attended Zoom readings and literary festivals and working with a mentor, Dr. Arthur Broomfield, who is a specialist in Surrealism, a Beckett Scholar with a PhD from Mary Immaculate College. Michelle began to write daily.

She found a love for avant-garde writing and abstract art and while knowing that experimental poetry can be hard to place she preceded nonetheless she told the Leader.

"I'm just thrilled with a nomination even my toddler shouted with joy when I told him. Although I was giving him chocolate at the same time..."

She went on to share: “My dad, Michael, would have loved this. He was always quoting poems when I was little."

To read more about her work or to find poetry resources see her site or @MoloneyKing on Twitter.