Christians flock to Limerick farmer's field for harvest service

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan


Christians flock to Limerick farmer's field for harvest service

A drive-through harvest service on the Hynes' land

A LIMERICK farmer had a different kind of flock in one of his fields on a Sunday.

Peter Hynes, originally from Crecora but now dairy farming in Aherla, Co Cork, was approached by the local rector, Rev David Bowles.

The rector asked Peter could he possibly use a field for their annual Moviddy harvest service. Their tiny church adjacent to Peter’s land would only be able to accommodate around 10 people.

Peter replied: “If you’ve got the flock mate, I’ve got the pasture.”

“It would give many more the opportunity including vulnerable and elderly people to attend as everyone stayed in their cars to ensure social distancing and adhere to Covid guidelines,” he continued.

But Peter didn’t just open the gap and say “work away” on the morning of Sunday, September 20.

“We mowed the field for silage bales two weeks previously rather than grazing with cows so the field would be clean and free from cow pats,” said Peter.

The harvest service went off without a hitch under glorious sunshine. Up to 50 were in attendance - a lot more than could have gone to church.

“As we are farming right in the heart of the village. Myself and Paula feel it is our duty to support the community as best we can. Given the pressures so many are under right now I believe people's faith is more important than ever to them,” said Peter.

He is also busy getting ready for AgMentalHealthWeek 2020 which runs from October 10 - 16.

See more on this in coming weeks.