Warning that loss of London route at Shannon Airport would be ‘incomprehensible’

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Leader reporter



Warning that loss of London route at Shannon Airport would be ‘incomprehensible’

Shannon Airport has been severely impacted by Covid-19

Commenting on the news that Aer Lingus is to review the viability of its services out of Shannon Airport, Shannon Chamber CEO Helen Downes said that “it is incomprehensible that Shannon could lose its essential Heathrow slots”.

In a recent survey of its members, the unanimous response to losing the London route from companies, was that it would have a very negative impact, in terms of conducting routine business.

“Whilst companies may not currently be travelling, they are still looking to a future when connectivity between Ireland and its key markets will be permissible.

“The loss of the London-Heathrow connection would have considerable impact as it not only acts as a hub for companies’ customers and suppliers in Europe but many use it for all onward international travel.

“It’s not only about companies getting to their markets, it’s about getting customers to come to Shannon.

“As one company put it, ‘if this route was to cease it would have a large impact on our business capability and flexibility that is so crucial to our customers in the EMEA’, added Ms Downes.

Meanwhile, Sinn Féin Senator Paul Gavan has called on all Mid-West politicians to unite around the call for Shannon Airport to be reintegrated under the control of the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) with a new management team.

“Shannon Airport must be brought back under the control of the DAA. Simply calling for a change of management personnel misses the fundamental flaw in the current structure. Talk of competition between airports on an island of our size was always a nonsensical policy” he concluded.

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