'Time to rewind and look back on some telly memories' - Celia Holman Lee

Celia Holman Lee


Celia Holman Lee



'Time to rewind and look back on some telly memories' - Celia Holman Lee

THE lockdown has really given us all a time to reflect on stand-out or joyous moments in our life. One that springs to mind for me is the three weeks I spent filming the celebrity reality TV show Celebrity Salon with Breffny Morgan, Virginia Macari, Brian Dowling, Pippa o Connor and Leigh Arnold.

We’ve kept in touch throughout the years and we always look back with fond memories. That show came out when reality TV shows started trending and it was a pleasure to have been part of it. I found it difficult to learn the skills but in the end I walked away with the title of winner of Celebrity Salon.

Celebrity Come Dine  With Me

ANOTHER reality TV show I was part of was Celebrity Come Dine With Me with Rosanna Davison, Brian McEvoy, Joe Rooney and Geraldine O‘Callaghan. I have to admit I found that really stressful. I swore I would never do a cookery show again, and I haven’t since! I had the task of preparing for starters a garden salad and for the main course I cooked a Thai green chicken curry. I never ate Thai green curry again. But it was great fun and I loved the company, with Joe Rooney being the well deserved winner.

Finally, I hope you are all minding yourselves as we emerge from lockdown. Let’s keep those Covid case figures low and keep ourselves safe.

Chat next week.

-Celia x