Poster warning people to ‘f*** off out of Kilkee’ is ‘action of idiotic and attention seeking individuals’

Aine Fitzgerald


Aine Fitzgerald


Poster warning people to ‘f*** off out of Kilkee’ is ‘action of idiotic and attention seeking individuals’

The poster which is circulating on social media platforms

A POSTER which has been circulating on social media warning people to "f*** off out of Kilkee" is the “action of idiotic and attention seeking individuals” according to the town’s chamber of commerce.  

And a local councillor is asking people who may have had the poster delivered in their letterbox to alert the gardai as it is “a crime scene”.

“I have yet to find someone who has a physical copy of it. We’ve gone viral with an image,” said Fianna Fail councillor Cillian Murphy, a resident of Kilkee. 

“This is the act of an idiot and it certainly doesn’t reflect the attitude of the majority of Kilkee people.  It’s inexcusable this sort of thing. It’s a cowardly act. If you are big enough and brave enough to post these things, well, you should be big enough and bold enough to put your name at the end of it,” continued Mr Murphy who pointed out that there is no such  group as the Kilkee Residents Health Defence, the name at the top of the poster.

The poster, which is being circulated on Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp groups, reads:

“Holiday home owners, stay at home does not mean your holiday pad. 

We would like you to return to your home. 

Do the right thing, f*** off out of Kilkee NOW!

If you do not leave, when this crisis is over you may not have a holiday home to return to this summer!”

With the milder weather of recent days set to continue into the weekend, there have been concerns that people might disregard the restrictions on movement and travel put in place in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and travel to holiday homes or caravan parks over the long weekend. Kilkee is a popular destination for Limerick people with a number of locals owning holiday homes there.

In a statement posted to the Kilkee By The Sea Facebook this Thursday morning in response to the poster in question, Kilkee Chamber of Commerce said they “utterly condemn such nonsensical, counterproductive and criminal behaviour”. 

“We urge anyone who has received this letter or has any other information about this to contact the gardaí immediately on +353659080550 and ask anyone with CCTV cameras to have a look and see if they have footage of this being posted. 

“This is not indicative of the attitude of the overwhelming majority of people in Kilkee. This is the action of one or two idiotic and attention seeking individuals. We urge everyone to stay safe, follow the official advice from the HSE and An Garda Síochána and we look forward to welcoming you all back to Kilkee once this crisis is over.”

Cllr Murphy who is part of the community response team in Kilkee said he has spent all of Wednesday evening and this Thursday morning dealing with the fallout from the poster.

“The fact that I’m dealing with this means that I’m not out dealing with the other stuff, helping people with their groceries and prescriptions and making sure people are OK. So, not only are we dealing with the negative publicity but there are community members not getting the attention they deserve,” he said.

“We have a great connection with people who have holiday homes in Kilkee. They are community members for a lot of the year and we welcome them in ordinary circumstances but it’s just not appropriate at the minute.”