A Day In My Shoes - John Daly, Limerick Jazz Festival

Time and precision - putting the beat in the jazz festival

Leader reporter


Leader reporter



Time and precision - putting the beat in the jazz festival

John Daly doesn't mind a spot of DIY when he gets the chance

What time do you get up?

Normally 9 or 9.30am unless I have had a late gig.

What is your normal breakfast?

Cereal, orange juice, real simple.

Do you go for a walk or to the gym before/after the office?

I swim three or four times a week, walk and cycle as much as possible.

You arrive at office at what time?

Office for me is between home and teaching , I teach a few days a week from 3 to 8.30pm.

How many cups of coffee/tea would you drink a day?

Not a coffee drinker, never was, one cup of tea sometimes, but mostly water or juice.

What is normal lunch - do you have a favourite place?

I try to eat well most days, there’s always a day here and there when I will be in a hurry somewhere and make do with a sandwich. I can go for hours without food never really bothered me, when I eat I am not a person who works with clocks (lunchtime, dinner etc) I eat when I feel hungry.

Do you have a favourite place?

Not particularly, I like all food except Italian, never a lover of pasta and pizza. Give me a good stew or homemade stir fry any day.

Do you have many meetings during the day?

Yes when I am organising our jazz festival that takes up a lot of time when it gets nearer, last weekend of September, as in right now, lol.

What time do you finish up at?

Most days around 9.30pm. I still practice a lot, it's important to me, got to keep ahead of the game when your a professional musician.

Do you watch much television?

I like to watch a good film or documentary, I'm also a big sports person, love soccer, rugby, GAA, athletics, boxing, etc. I don’t like horse or dog racing or cricket (too boring).

Do you read the newspapers?

Yes, first pages I look at are the entertainment section. I read the paper from back to front. I like to do it that way.

What do you do to relax?

TV, read a book, practice (occasionally take my wife to dinner … I’m dead). I like fixing things when I think they can be fixed - also love DIY which I have done a lot of over the years.

Are you able to leave the office behind?

Yes, definitely when I finish I shut it out till next day.

What is a perfect work day?

On my days off I get up around 9am have a swim then have a leisurely breakfast, do some housework (yes, I’m a house husband, sometimes my wife works half days so I have the duties list…) Then I’ll practice for a bit, maybe read a book for an hour or so. I find the day passes quite quickly. When I'm home I usually prepare dinner, then practice a bit more if I get the urge, finally watch some TV together…

Do you ever lose 'the cool' and if so what would make you annoyed?

My wife says everything does, lol. I am fairly laid back in general. By nature I’m a very organised individual. I always like to see things through. When I ask people to do things and they’re not done, that is what I hate but I’ve learned over the years, losing the cool achieves very little.