Limerick river rescue heroes to be honoured with procession

Mike Finnerty


Mike Finnerty


Limerick river rescue heroes to be honoured with procession

Members of Limerick Marine Search and Rescue, the Moyross Monks and Limerick Suicide Watch

A procession will move through the streets of Limerick this Sunday, September 8, to honour the city’s river rescue teams.

A Mass will take place at St. John’s Cathedral on Sunday evening at 7pm, and a procession will follow the Mass at Clancy’s Strand. The procession, complete with Garda escort and a bagpipe player, will finish up at 9pm at Arthur’s Quay.

The procession is the brainchild of Phillip Scanlon and Michael Burke, and aims to honour the people involved with Limerick Suicide Watch and Limerick Marine Search and Rescue, along with the Monks of Moyross.

They got the idea for a procession after seeing a similar procession in the French city of Lourdes.

“We thought ‘it would be lovely to see something like this in Limerick’,” the told The Leader.

This year’s procession is especially poignant, in light of recent events around the River Shannon in the city.

“Although it’s a difficult topic,” they say, “it’s an event that brings a lot of happiness to people.

“It’s never easy to discuss, but you have to keep living life,” they stated.

Interest in the procession has been boosted in recent weeks, after an endorsement from Declan Copues’ radio show on Live95.

“We have it early on a Sunday night so that the kids can still take part in it,” they added.