Enterprising county Limerick brothers holding open day to savour with celebrity chef 

Norma Prendiville


Norma Prendiville



Enterprising county Limerick brothers  holding open day to savour with celebrity chef 

The Cotter Brothers Nick and Jack have diversified their business and welcome a celebrity chef to their open day next Thursday

THE Cotter family in Abbeyfeale is well on its way to future-proofing  the family farm business. And they are hoping to contribute to saving the environment at the same time.

What’s more,  they are happy to share their knowledge and know-how  with all comers at an open day at their farm next Thursday where visitors will be able to see for themselves the successful firewood business started eight years ago by  brothers, Jack and Nick Cotter. 

What makes this supplementary farm business stand out however  is that the brothers were just children at the time they set it up. In 2011, Jack was 13 and Nick was 11 (see picture below) and now their entrepreneurial spirit has been rewarded.  Nick was recently awarded a Quercus Innovation/Entrepreneurship Scholarship from UCC. 

At the Open Day, visitors will be given a practical demonstration of  how high-quality dry firewood can be produced in Ireland. Dry firewood burned in modern eco-design labelled stoves have vastly reduced particulate matter emissions compared to wet wood in open fires and consequently would lead to improved air quality. 

All the stages in the process will be shown including the use of remote-controlled teleporters and there will be opportunities to discuss all aspects of the business as well as future trends with the experts. 

All this gets underway at 10.30am next Thursday and will then be followed by another Cotter initiative: organic lamb. 

The Cotter farm was originally a dairy farm which converted to beef in the mid 1990s and then to sheep in the mid 2000’s. In 2014, the Cotters took the organic route to boost profits but an under-developed supply chain was holding them back.

“‘We were producing really good quality organic lamb but most of it was ending up in the conventional lamb market,” Nick explained. “This is really bad because a lot of people are looking to buy meat that is produced in an environmentally sustainable way; 100% grass-fed; organic and raised on a farm rich in biodiversity and wildlife. By starting Cotter Organic Lamb with assistance from our local Leader group West Limerick Resources, we hope to overcome this problem.” 

From next month, customers anywhere in Limerick or around the country will be able to order Cotter Organic Lamb and have it delivered to their homes. The hope is that this enterprise will contribute to Limerick developing a name as a foodie destination. 

On Thursday next, Cotter Organic Lamb will be launched with a cookery demonstration by a celebrity chef followed by a barbecue where people will get their first taste of the lamb.  

You can register for the event at www.cotterbrosfirewood