Top Limerick clinician appointed to leading academic role

Fintan Walsh


Fintan Walsh


Top Limerick clinician appointed to leading academic role

 Prof Paul Burke: ‘invested many hours for the betterment’ of Mid-West patients

ONE of the top clinicians in the Mid-West region has been appointed to a leading education role within the UL Hospitals Group and University of Limerick.

Prof Paul Burke, who finished his role as chief clinical director of the UL Hospitals Group on Saturday, will take on the position of chief academic officer within the group and vice dean within UL’s health sciences department. 

The group’s clinical director of maternal and child health, Dr Gerry Burke has been appointed interim chief clinical director until the role is formally filled. 

Prof Burke and Dr Burke were two of five top clinicians who penned an open letter to the public, calling on the community, politicians and activists for support amid the escalating overcrowding crisis in Limerick. 

Dr Burke will help lead the group as it deals with an overcrowded emergency department this summer. 

A spokesperson confirmed that interviews for Prof Burke’s former position are to take place in September. 

Prof Burke will remain a member of the UL Hospitals Executive Team as part of this joint appointment with the University of Limerick.

UL Hospitals Group CEO, Colette Cowan also commended Prof Burke for his years of service as CCD: “My colleague and friend Prof Paul Burke has led the development of the hospitals over many years, and invested many hours for the betterment of the Mid-West region, its services, staff and patients.”

MS Cowan said: “Dr Gerry Burke has done great work for maternity services in UL Hospitals Group. I warmly welcome him as Interim Chief Clinical Director, and look forward to working with him.”

Dr Gerry Burke said on Twitter that it has been a “privilege” to serve University Maternity Hospital Limerick for 26 of its 59 years. 

“I often wonder at the determination and energy of the people who planned and built it in the economically dire 1950s. 

“It was opened in 1960 by Minister for Health Seán McEntee, a GPO 1916 veteran who had been sentenced to death for his part in the Rising. My grandparents’ generation was truly remarkable. They were able to build things for the common good, even when we had very little,” Dr Burke said last week. 

Dr Naro Imcha is now Dr Burke’s “clinical successor” at UMHL, commencing the position of Associate Clinical Director for Maternal and Child Health. “She will be outstanding,” Dr Burke said.