Traffic measures for County Limerick village are delayed

Jess Casey


Jess Casey

Metropolitan Mayor of Limerick Daniel Butler

Metropolitan Mayor of Limerick Daniel Butler

TRAFFIC calming measures for Mungret Village first mooted for November 2018 have been delayed, according to the Metropolitan Mayor of Limerick Daniel Butler. 

Works including signaled junctions, pedestrian crossings and reduced speed limits for the N69 part of the village are currently delayed due to a redesign. 

“The main focus of progress has been getting the junction at the Mungret grotto right so that it works to facilitate all the adjacent businesses and landowners as the previous proposal was deemed inadequate after local consultations,” Mayor Butler said. 

“Engineers have now been appointed to re-design this with a new proposal due in three or four months.”

Clarity is needed on how the site behind the Westward Ho location will interact with the new scheme in order to understand the extent of the work to be funded by Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII), according to Mayor Butler. 

This site has been designated in the Southern Environs Plan for enterprise and employment, he added. 

“This is not clear at present and may well give rise to further time being required for further consideration,” he added.

The proposals for Mungret Village also include a road width reduction with footpaths covering a stretch from Bolands Cross to Moore’s Lane with a reduced 50kph speed limits.