GAA club invite Limerick school bus crash victims to homecoming for Morrissey brothers

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan

Castleconnell gardai are investigating the cause of the accident at Ardvarna, Lisnagry Picture: Press 22

Castleconnell gardai are investigating the cause of the accident at Ardvarna, Lisnagry Picture: Press 22

AHANE GAA Club have invited all involved in the school bus crash to their homecoming for the Limerick hurlers and Liam MacCarthy.

The head-on collision involving the school bus and a car occurred shortly after 8am on Thursday, September 6 at Ardvarna, Lisnagry. Seven teenagers and the driver were in the bus, while there were two occupants in the car.

A spokesperson for University Hospital Limerick (UHL) said four casualties were assessed – three teenagers and one adult –and all four were discharged on Thursday.

The mini-bus had just started its journey for St Mary’s Secondary School, Newport when the accident happened. 

This week, Colm Barry, chairperson of Ahane GAA Club, extended a special invite to the teenagers, bus driver and car occupants to their homecoming on Sunday, September 30.

A large group of players are expected to join with Ahane’s Dan and Tom Morrissey to bring Liam MacCarthy back to the famous club.

A number of the pupils are involved with the GAA club. Colm said they are very welcome to come along, meet Dan and Tom and get their photograph taken with the Cup as a gesture of community spirit.

Luke Reddan, aged 15, has been branded a hero for running half a mile to get help for his fellow crash victims as blood poured from his head. After the crash he said there was a lot of “falling and screaming”.

“I lost my phone but I was able to get out and run home,” Luke told the Irish Sun.

Kevin Cusack, school principal, said the students are making good progress and said they “stepped up to the mark” after the accident.

“They offered support to their fellow students on the bus following the accident.

“The older ones looked after the younger ones,” said Mr Cusack, who also commended the actions of the  bus driver.

“The students were talking very highly of him and they praised him,” said Mr Cusack, who is from Murroe.

Neighbour, Sean Hasset went to help after he heard a “loud bang”.

“Kids were screaming on the bus. We were trying to calm the children down. At that stage it was hard to tell who was injured and who wasn’t.

“My biggest worry was the kids and to see that the kids were OK. We were just trying to calm them down a bit,” said Sean, who added that gardai, Limerick Fire and Rescue Service, and ambulance personnel were quickly on the scene.

Mr Cusack said it was “really inspirational” to see the emergency services working at the scene and also praised staff in UHL for their care. He also thanked his staff for how they reacted and implemented their critical incident policy. 

Castleconnell gardai are investigating the accident.