Health, not wealth: Limerick EuroMillions winner says picking up €500k ‘can wait’

Fintan Walsh


Fintan Walsh

Shane Maher: 'Well, my first priority is my health' Picture: Adrian Butler

Shane Maher: 'Well, my first priority is my health' Picture: Adrian Butler

A LUCKY Limerick EuroMillions winner has chosen his health over his wealth as he has yet to claim his massive €500,000 winnings in Dublin. 

Shane Philip Maher was popping the champagne last week when his prize-winning quick pick numbers came up in the EuroMillions Plus draw, worth a whopping half a million. 

But when the 48-year-old travelled to Dublin to collect his cheque, he fell ill with chronic pain in his knee at Busaras and immediately called an ambulance for treatment.

He was later admitted for treatment at South Tipperary General Hospital in Clonmel, and it was hoped he would be discharged this Tuesday. 

When asked when he hopes to pick up his €500,000, Mr Maher said: “Well, my first priority is health. I hope to be discharged on [Tuesday] and then get the necessary painkillers I need. And health is wealth, you know? People think money is important. This is only money, you know? It’s a piece of paper.”

He added: “It can wait. It’s not a priority. I’m not starving, you know?”

He said he has been waiting for an operation on his left knee for five years, and following a procedure in September, has been on Tramadol and Panadol to deal with the pain.

He has praised the staff at the hospital in Clonmel.

“The hospital here in Clonmel is one of the most excellent hospitals I have ever witnessed in my life with the way they function. They are highly efficient, extremely courteous and they get the job done,” he said. 

He said that he plans on putting his winnings in a trust fund. 

The numbers on the EuroMillions draw were 2, 6, 15, 34, 44, with the two bonus numbers 4 and 5.​

Meanwhile, the lucky person who won €111,271 in the Lotto draw of Saturday, July 14, the winning ticket for which was sold in the Gala store at Sheare Street, Kilmallock, has yet to make contact with the National Lottery.