Referendum report: Tallies find high ‘Yes’ majorities  balloted across Limerick

Jess Casey


Jess Casey


Keeping count: Tallies are recorded at Limerick Racecourse during the abortion referendum Picture: Press 22

Keeping count: Tallies are recorded at Limerick Racecourse during the abortion referendum Picture: Press 22

TALLIES taken at the Referendum count at the Limerick Racecourse showed several areas across both city and county where the majority of voters cast their ballots in favour of repeal. 

Boxes in Kilfinane and Ballybrown with extremely high Yes majorities (83.1% and 93.9%) were excluded from final Together For Yes tallies by Thomas Bibby due to concerns there may have been a discrepancy while they were being collected. 

Boxes with the largest Yes majorities were recorded in the Castletroy and Monaleen area in the Limerick City electoral district.

One ballot box in Gaelscoil Chaladh An Treo in Castletroy reached a 77.8% Yes majority. 

A another ballot box in Monaleen National School recorded a Yes majority of 77.2% from a total of 268 votes, while a separate box in Milford N.S in Castletroy recorded a Yes majority of 76.7%. In Shannon Banks, a ballot box tallied from the Scout Hall recorded a 77.3% Yes majority. 

In County Limerick, one ballot box in Pallaskenry recorded a 68.5% Yes majority, while another recorded a 65.2% Yes majority. A separate ballot box at Kilmallock Girls School was tallied at 67%.

A poll collected from Scoil Iosaf in Newcastle West also recorded a 66.7% Yes majority. A separate box tallied from Hospital New School recorded a 61.8% Yes majority. 

A high Yes majority was also recorded in Croom, with one box tallied at 64.2%.

Boxes tallied at the count find 12 ‘No’ majority polling stations

Twelve areas across Limerick recorded a No majority, tallies taken at the Limerick Count show.

These all in county Limerick included Glengort, Foynes, Rathkeale, Ballyguiltenane, Ballykenny, Glin, Cahar, Mount Collins, Broadford, Effin, Dromtrasna, and Garrydoolis.

A total of 248 boxes were tallied at the count.

Talliers recorded a relatively high No majority for the polling station in Glengort where 59.4% of voters cast their ballot in favour of retaining the eighth amendment.

A majority was also recorded at the first Foynes polling station with 59.3% of people voting No.

One box in Rathkeale recorded a No majority of 55.9%. This was the only box that was tallied from the area at the count.

In Ballygiltenan NS polling station 53.3% of people voted No.

In some cases, boxes edged ahead with a slight No majority with just a couple of votes.

The polling station at Ballykenny Dispensary recorded a slight No majority by just three votes, at 50.8%.

In Glin, a No majority of just two votes was also recorded, at 50.3%.

The polling station in Garrydoolis also edged a slight majority No at 52.9%.

The polling station at Caher National School also had a No majority at 52.2%.

The polling station in Cloncagh Library was tallied exactly as 50% in favour of Yes and 50% in favour of No.

- For a full box by box breakdown of the results for Limerick city and county, see the print edition of the Limerick Leader, in shops now