Mr Binman: Limerick recycling firm offers advice on how to lighten the load

Nick Rabbitts


Nick Rabbitts

Joe Cleary, sales and marketing manager with Mr Binman, at the firm’s base in the Dock Road

Joe Cleary, sales and marketing manager with Mr Binman, at the firm’s base in the Dock Road

LIGHTEN your waste load, recycle more, and save money.

That's the message from Mr Binman, as it bids to continue innovating, despite the rising tide of waste costs.

The city's leading waste management firm, based at the Dock Road in Limerick, is facing huge costs in terms of recycling due to a lack of ready supply of companies taking this waste.

Added to this, changes in the worldwide market has fed something of a 'perfect storm'.

Joe Cleary, the sales and marketing director of the company, which employs 130 people here, explains: "The worldwide recycling market has collapsed. The problem with being such a small country in this regard is we have a lot of larger economies also having difficulty. The main reason for this is restrictions in China, which is the world's main outlet for recycling material. Those restrictions mean there has been a swap in supply and demand. There are so few outlets for recyclables, the remaining processors have almost doubled their costs to the likes of Mr Binman and other waste businesses."

Severe restrictions are also in place upon what can and cannot be recycled, and all this means costs to Mr Binman have doubled in the space of less than six months, Mr Cleary adds.

Mr Binman serves 35,000 households, and 2,500 businesses across the Mid-West region, and asked what they can do to save money, Mr Cleary said: "Due to the way people are charged, the lighter your waste bin is, the better off you are financially. We are always encouraging people to recycle as much as possible and also use an organic waste bin for food, napkins and greenery."

He says many householders often do not realise that there are more things which are recyclable than what they imagine.

"People might just think of the kitchen, they think of their glass and they think of their cans. But there are so many other things which are recyclable in terms of pots, tubs and trays which you can put into recycle bins and keep out of landfill or waste," he said.

In the coming weeks, Mr Binman will be providing a special hanger for their bin which explains what can and cannot go into waste - and indeed, what can go into a brown bin.

"We understand from our customers' perspective, they are not a waste recycle business. They are households, or businesses which focus on something else. So we need to help them as much as possible," Mr Cleary adds.

Ultimately, the lighter your regular waste bin is at the end of each week, or month, the cheaper your bill will be.

But Mr Binman is also  helping its customers save money in other ways, for example by implementing paperless billing.

Mr Cleary said: "Even though it's costing a lot more to dispose of waste, we are trying to be innovative and get our customers to save money in other ways. We also have a new partnership with Pinergy. If people want to sign up to this partnership, they can save money on their electricity and bins."

Asked Mr Binman's biggest challenge for the year ahead, he listed the continuing upsurge in recycle prices, but also remaining innovative for its band of loyal customers.

"We are a service business. We need to constantly innovate. We have done a lot in the past, but are always looking for that extra 'plus-one' to persuade customers to stay with us. We are a business which relies on customer satisfaction. So we need to be constantly innovating and putting the customer first," he concluded.