Two women caught on video attempting to remove referendum poster in Limerick city

Fintan Walsh


Fintan Walsh


Two women attempt to remove referendum poster in Limerick city

A still from the video which was posted on social media

TWO women were caught on video attempting to remove a referendum poster on the same street in Limerick, where a man was seen ripping down Repeal posters. 

The video, which was posted on a Facebook page – 2FairInfo – shows one woman pulling down a “Save The Eighth” poster and folding it over, in an effort to remove it from Thomas Street. 

In the video, the woman approaches the man taking the video, saying: “What the f*** are you filming, c***?”

When the woman walked away, she turned to the man again: “What are you filming?”

He replied: “No, it’s a public space, I am filming the street.”

The two women are then seen walking from the poster, which was not taken from the pole following the altercation. 

This video was taken before this Tuesday’s video

On a Facebook post, 2FairInfo stated: “I am from the country where we never needed a feferendum [sic] to allow someone to make hard choices. If I could vote I would be only in support, but two things made me to do this. 1. Nobody should attempt to used deceipt to win. 2. A man from another camp was cought removing pro choice posters.

“I just wanted to show that this time it was a different camp that tried to remove the poster and that this time it were two ladies, and in adition [sic] one was violent and called me C word. Lets see how far this message will travel and would it be acknowedged [sic] by the local media as the other event did.”