Large housing development on Limerick city outskirts shows signs of life

Fintan Walsh


Fintan Walsh

For the past 12 years, a site pinned for a massive 250-home development had been resting idle, up until recent weeks when clearance works commenced

For the past 12 years, a site pinned for a massive 250-home development had been resting idle, up until recent weeks when clearance works commenced

A MASSIVE housing development in the city outskirts that was first proposed 12 years ago is set to go on the market by autumn 2018, the Limerick Leader has learned.

Locals in Annacotty have begun to notice major clearance works on a site at Walkers Road, where a total of 240 dwellings have been planned for construction since proposals were first lodged in 2016.

The 240 houses will be constructed in three areas on Walkers Road, comprising 152 units in one; while the other two sites will consist of 88 units.

The units in the two latter sites will be part of a three-storey duplex; 34 two-bed apartments on the ground floor; 34 three-bed apartments on the second floor; and 20 two-storey dwellings and a creche.

The development was proposed by Kenny Builders & Co Limited on December 12, 2006, but was not given the green light until May 13, 2008 by Limerick County Council.

An extension of permission was submitted on November 18, 2013 and was approved by Limerick County Council on January 21, 2014.

However, now it has emerged that a new company Lioncor Developments, has taken over the development and is expected to start construction in the near future.

Lioncor Developments, which is working on two major housing projects in Killiney and Dundrum, in Dublin, received its certificate of incorporation on September 5, 2017, according to records seen by this newspaper.

The development is expected to be on the market by autumn 2018, under Sherry FitzGerald.

Director with the auctioneers, Ailbhe O’Malley said that she was “delighted” to be involved with the project, after liaising with the company over the past six months.

“It’s great confidence in Limerick. Having a development of this calibre coming on stream is good news and good news for the locality and good news for the city,” she said. 

Sherry FitzGerald is already working with a similarly sized project close by in Bloomfield, Annacotty.

Ms O’Malley said that it is a prime location for new developments.

“The university is a huge draw. The schools in the area are excellent. Access to the motorway is a huge plus, and the amenities in the area are generally well-regarded, and that’s why people want to live there.”

She said that it is a positive development as there is a shortage of housing stock.

“That shortage is right across the board from one-bedroom apartments, right up to detached family homes. There is a shortage across the board.”

She added: “What we need is transactions. We need the market moving and we need a healthy functioning market with transactions taking place. It’s not all about price rises and all of that; it is about having functioning market.”

Fianna Fail councillor Joe Pond, from Annacotty, said that he is not happy with the plans due to the infrastructure in the area to facilitate the development.

“I am not against developments, I am just not happy where they are exiting onto the Walkers Road. It’s just not right.”

He reckons that they will putting the large development on a “small, narrow road.  I know they got planning permission for it, and I know you can’t do anything now. Limerick City and County Council can’t do anything; they gave them the planning.”

But Cllr Pond said he will be raising the issue of improving infrastructure in the area in the future.