Shannon Airport's hour of power to take flight on new Cologne route

Shannon Airport will take part in a vote-off for a Eurowings service to the popular German destination

Shannon Airport will take part in a vote-off for a Eurowings service to the popular German destination

SHANNON Airport is just an hour away from taking flight on a new route to Cologne in Germany.

The airport has made it the final three for the world-first social media Eurowings competition and will now go head to head with two other airports – Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Trapani in Italy – in a vote-off in the first ever Facebook competition for an airline service.

The vote will take place on Eurowings’ Facebook page – the link will also be available on – between 2pm and 3pm today, Wednesday.

The airports were shortlisted out of ten selected earlier in the competition and Shannon has said the “service would be another major boost to tourism along the western seaboard, with the German demand growing for the unique and increasingly popular Wild Atlantic Way offering”.

It is now calling on its “loyal customer base” and the wider public to help with the final push to secure the Cologne route for the region with Eurowings, a low-cost subsidiary of Lufthansa.

“We were overwhelmed by the response and so grateful to the public for taking the time to vote us into the final. We need its support again today to land the new route for Ireland,” Shannon Airport Managing Director Andrew Murphy.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for the Irish public to positively impact on our country’s tourism industry. Given Shannon Airport’s role as the premier gateway for the Wild Atlantic Way and famous Irish tourist attractions like the Cliffs of Moher and Bunratty Castle and Folk Park, winning this service would be a major boost for tourism in the region.

“The German market for the unique Irish offering here on the Western half of the island has grown exponentially since the launch of the Wild Atlantic Way and this service would be guaranteed to bring in additional tourists to the region who would, no doubt, come back time and time again.

“It would put another exciting outbound offering on our schedule so it would definitely be a win-win,” he added.

Voting starts at 2pm on the Eurowings Facebook page.