Dog found in 'horrific state of neglect' put down by Limerick vet

Lurcher was discovered wandering near Glenroe

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan


Dog found in 'horrific state of neglect' put down by Limerick vet

A VET that treated a dog dumped in County Limerick said he has never seen such a horrific state of neglect.

Marie Quirke, Limerick Animal Welfare, said they were sorry they had to post the distressing photos on their Facebook page but "this is the reality in Ireland".

She said a couple were driving in the Tully area, 2.3kms from Glenroe on, Thursday evening.

“They came across a sight that will haunt them for life. A dog, alas another abused lurcher, was on the road, struggling to stay upright. They stopped to see what was wrong with him. To their horror the dog had very thickened skin, it was black and cracked and it was oozing blood. They put him in their car and brought him to the sanctuary. He was then taken to the veterinary clinic,” said Marie

The Limerick Animal Welfare sanctuary manager said the vet had never seen a dog in such a state of neglect. 

“He had very bad mange all over him but his legs, underbelly and face were so bad that the skin was splitting. There was a possible underlying skin infection. His face and legs were swollen. Months and months of neglect. 

“His skin was necrotic and as the vet examined him the skin just fluffed off his legs. There were open wounds at the top of the inside of his legs. There was a strong smell of death and dying flesh,” said Marie. 

As the vet put the stethoscope to his chest the dog groaned in pain. 

“It seems like he had possible broken ribs and his chest was crackling and leaking air, the lungs were in a bad state,” said Marie.

The vet had no choice but to put him to sleep and end the suffering.

“The inhumanity of man to this dog is unforgivable and whoever had him should face prosecution. Any information leading to an owner would be welcome as there maybe more dogs in need of help,” said Marie.