WATCH: Limerick family release real life Bambi back into the wild

Aine Fitzgerald


Aine Fitzgerald

WATCH: Limerick family release real life Bambi back into the wild

Freya was released back into the wild

IN a real life Bambi-style adventure a young injured deer who lost her mother has been befriended by a county Limerick family who have restored her to good health.

The young deer was found lying by her dead mother at the side of the road near Cahir, county Tipperary by passers-by.

Animal Magic Wildlife Rescue based in Kilmallock were called in to rescue the animal who had a bump on her head and was bleeding behind one eye.

“She was very lethargic and confused. After a bit of pain relief and getting her settled in a warm dark bed she took a bottle for us,” explained Rosie Campbell of Animal Magic who has been nursing the deer named Freya over the past five weeks.

It is understood that Freya’s mother was hit by a car and killed.

“What we think happened is that the foal wasn’t hit by the car but we think she was hit by her mum because she had trauma on her head - she had a swollen head and one eye was bleeding and we had to treat that until it got better,” said Rosie.

Once the young deer began to feel a little better, Rosie and her family had to be very careful not to cause her any stress.

“Fallow deer are even more highly strung than Sika deer,” Rosie explained.

“Because they are highly strung and quite scared little animals who are quite secretive, we wanted to get her out and back in the wild as quickly as we possibly could.

“As soon as we had her weaned and had her eating well and her injuries were fully healed we were able to release her into a beautiful woodland where we know there is a fallow herd for her to join.”

Rosie recalled the moment Freya was released this week.

“It was lovely. She stood for a couple of seconds and had a look around and then she just popped into the trees. We never say exactly where we release. We released her into a lovely wooded area - it’s actually quite hilly. There’s a herd of fallow deer there and because she’s a young female there won’t be a problem with her being accepted into the herd. It would be different if she was a young stag.

“Looking at her teeth and everything else we reckon that when she first came in she was about five months old. She was still suckling on her mum  but we had to wean her off fairly rapidly so that she could survive on her own.”