Every can counts for Murroe Scouts in TLC2

 Murroe Scouts launch a can recycling campaign in tandem with TLC to improve their local environment

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan

Every can counts for Murroe Scouts in TLC2

Three cheers for Murroe Scouts, Beavers and Cubs: the children are aiming to recycle as many cans as possible during Team Limerick Clean-Up 2 Picture: Michael Cowhey

MURROE Scouts, Beavers and Cubs certainly have a can-do attitude!

As part of Team Limerick Clean-Up on Good Friday the children are launching an aluminium can recycling campaign that combines reducing the litter in their homeplace and making some money.

Elke Hayes, Scout leader, said they have five volunteers coming to Murroe from the Every Can Counts campaign to help them.

“They usually only get involved with large-scale events such as Electric Picnic so we're very lucky to have their support.

“They will be bringing inflatable goals with them and people will be able to exchange empty aluminium cans for shots on goals – and in so doing have the opportunity to win prizes,” said Elke.

TLC organisers and Mr Binman are helping them out too on their innovative plan. 

“The TLC crew will be including Every Can Counts bags with the packs that are being sent out to Murroe so that people can separate any cans they find from the rest of the rubbish collected. Mr Binman are giving us a bring bank to hold the cans and will be paying us for them.

“The kids will learn about the importance and value of recycling and earn an environment badge in the process. Plus we'll be able to use the money to treat them to something special when we finish up in June.

“We would love to get the word out to maximise the amount of cans diverted away from landfill for recycling instead and, of course, to encourage as many people as possible to get involved,” said Elke.

The plan is that all the TLC volunteers in Murroe return to the Muintir na Tire hall in the village at noon for refreshments and well-deserved hot cross buns and cake.

The inflatable goals will be outside the hall, along with a team of volunteers from Every Can Counts. People will be able to exchange empty aluminium cans for shots on goal – two cans equals four shots – and there will be prizes for the best marksmen and women.

“There will be a special Mr Binman bring bank where people can put any cans they may have gathered. We're hoping people will separate cans from the rest of the rubbish they collect and bring them to the hall where we can add them to our stash,” said Elke.

As the current price for aluminium is about €350 per tonne, every can in Murroe will count.