Limerick man conned out of 'considerable amount of money' in bank text scam

David Hurley


David Hurley


Warning issued about latest phone text scam

The victim received a text which he believed was from his bank

GARDAI are again warning people not to disclose their financial information when they receive emails or texts which purport to be from their banks.

An investigation is underway after a man, who lives in the Lisnagry area, lost a considerable amount of money when he put his bank account details into a text which he believed was from his bank.

"He received the text, clicked on the link provided and put in his bank details, all because he thought it was his bank and never checked it out first. Your bank will never send you a text with a link asking for your bank details," said divisional crime prevention officer, Sergeant Ber Leetch.

In a separate incident, a lady from Farranshone in the city received a text from which claimed to be from Revenue.

"It informed her that she was owed a sum of money by Revenue and instructions to click on a link to find out how to apply for it," said Sgt  Leetch.

However, the recipient was was immediately suspicious and provided gardai with details of the text message before deleting ti.

"Don’t give anybody your bank details no matter who they say they are," reiterated Sgt Leetch.