WATCH: Up close and personal at pro boxer Lee Reeves training session at Corpus Christi Boxing Club

Colm Kinsella


Colm Kinsella


EXCITING Limerick boxer Lee Reeves is hoping to have a fight in Limerick shortly as he continues to enhance his growing reputation.

Twenty four year old welterweight Reeves will fight for a fifth time as a professional in Niagara Falls, Canada on Saturday, June 29.

Reeves’ bout at the Scotiabank Convention Centre against a yet to be confirmed opponent will be his fifth bout since joining boxing’s paid ranks just seven months ago.

Talented southpaw Reeves’ record to date as a professional included a victory at the world renowned Madison Square Garden in New York on St Patrick’s Night.

Back home in Limerick ahead of his return to Canada, Reeves has been training at Corpus Christi Boxing Club in Moyross.

Taking time out from his training session, Reeves told Leader Sport: “Life as a professional boxer has been good. I have been punching people in the head about 10 years now as an amateur and now I get paid for it! The problem is that I get punched in the head back too!

“It has been brilliant so far. Things have been moving so fast. It has been so positive. I have been victorious so far. I am looking forward to what the next year brings.

“Boxing at Madison Square Garden in March was memorable. It was the most renowned stadium in the whole world, so getting to box there as an Irish person on St Patrick’s Night, having everyone there with eyes on you, and you performing to what you are good at, it is something I will bring to the grave with me.

“My next fight is on June 29 in Niagara Falls, Canada. My opponent is yet to be confirmed, but my promoter has a few ideas about who it could be. I just worry about myself, worry about getting fit and I am ready for it. If he wants to fight tomorrow, I am ready tomorrow, but thank God it is on June 29 and I am looking forward to it.

“There will be eight fights or more on the show and three fights will be televised live. I will be boxing on the first fight to be televised.

“As soon as I find the channel and stream where my fight will be shown, I will send it on to all my fans and they can watch me perform again.

“To see the confidence my team have in me, putting me on as the main event in my last bout and to see that they think I could run my own show gives me a lot of confidence . It makes me work harder in the gym every day to know that only starting off, in my fourth fight, I was headlining my own show.

“By the time I go to 10-0 the world is my oyster” Reeves continued.

“My longer term goal is to listen to my team around me, listen to my promoters, take it one fight at a time, just not be beaten in this sport.

“Fighting in Limerick is definitely something that is going to happen in the future. I just don’t know how soon yet. I am only worried about building my reputation and building me as a brand, abroad, in Canada, in America, around Europe, everywhere” the ambitious fighter proclaimed.

“When the fans want it enough we are going to come back and we are going to sell out in Limerick
“It is brilliant to be back here training in Corpus Christi and to see all the kids that are looking up to me, asking me how it has been in Canada. It is great to think that I can have a positive impact on the community over here.”

Reeves, who is with Lee Baxter Promotions in Canada, says he enjoys training at Corpus Christi.
“It is always busy inside this club, the emotions are high, the positivity is flowing and everyone is getting fit here. It is always good.

“We only moved here a few weeks ago. Compared to our last club premises it is probably four times the size. That is brilliant. It means more new members and more kids can come in off the streets and train.”

Declan Fitzgerald is President of Corpus Christi Boxing Club and he is also Lee Reeves’ coach.
Fitzgerald explains how their relationship began with two-time Irish underage champion and Senior A title winner at the prestigious Haringey Box Cup in London.

“Lee has been with a lot of clubs in Limerick at one stage or another because he boxed from a very young age. He stepped away from the sport, came back to a different club, stepped away again and came back.

“I was part of the Munster High Performance Coaching Staff and we were actually boxing against Canada. I asked Lee to come on board for a fight against the Canadian number one. He came on board, I did his corner on the night, we clicked and he got best boxer on the night.

“With the conversation that happened between us, he asked could he come out and train with us. When he come out under Corpus Christi he grew to box in the Celtic Box Cup which is held every year in Dungarvan. There are 720 boxers from all over the world competing there and he won that and he went on to box in Haringey in London. He won that as well.

“I think if you look at his amateur record, when he gave it up he had something like 120 contests with 90 to 100 wins. His losses were at the high level, never at club levels. They were split decisions, he was never stopped.

“As an amateur the Olympics is the place to go. As a coach or a professional boxer, everyone wants to get to Madison Square Garden. To do it in his third contest was fantastic. To be honest, with the right backing and the right support, Lee can go all the way.

“He trains three and four times a day, but he always makes time to be here in Corpus Christi for the actual boxing class. He will always make time to have a tap around with the younger lads. They are always looking up to him, asking him questions about his next fight or if they have a fight coming up he talks to them about how to approach it” Fitzgerald admitted proudly."