WATCH: Limerick day care centre rises to Covid and Jerusalema challenge!

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan


STAFF and volunteers at St Michael's Day Care Centre in Cappamore have overcome every challenge Covid has put in front of them.

So doing the Jerusalema dance challenge was a piece of cake. Their excellent video even has a garda as well!

Liz Grant, manager, said one thing she and the the staff in the day care centre have learned is that, "It is important to be upbeat in these challenging times".

"So the staff got together and decided to do the Jerusalema challenge under the guidance of our choreographer Josephine. It was the highlight of our lockdown.

"We were joined by some volunteers that deliver dinners daily and also our local Garda Bill Collins. As some of us were a bit stiff we were well out shone by the excellent performance of everyone else. Well done to one and all. I am so proud of you all and I am privileged to be your manager," said Liz.

Prior to Covid, the day care centre was a hub of activity with elderly men and women from across east Limerick visiting every week for fun, dinners, medical care, music, dancing and lots more.

"We couldn’t have our patrons visiting us on a daily basis so we hit on the idea of delivering dinners every day. This venture is very successful but not as fulfilling as having our people everyday. However, we feel honoured with the support and demand for dinners," said Liz.

And the people of Cappamore and neighbouring parishes are very lucky to have the support of Liz and all involved in St Michael's Day Care Centre.