BREAKING: Gardai called to 'Covid' house party in Limerick which has caused 'disgust'

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan


GARDAI have confirmed they were called out overnight to a 'Covid' house party in Limerick which has caused 'disgust'. 

A garda spokesperson said they spoke to the residents of a house in the College Court area of Castletroy at 1am this Tuesday, September 15.

A video of a house party has been posted on social media by a University of Limerick student.

It shows dozens of young men and women packed into a room, drinking, dancing and singing. It is understood the footage was shot in a house in College Court, Castletroy on Monday evening / late Tuesday morning.

Some of the songs they are singing along to are Hey Baby; Abba's Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! and The Killers' Mr Brightside.

A student - not the one who posted the video online - sent the clip to the Limerick Leader.

Another student sent a different recording to the Leader from what appears to be a different house party in College Court last night. 

"As a young person I am disgusted at some fellow young people having house parties in College Court in Limerick. Unfortunately, they think it’s OK for to have thirty or more people in doors because apparently Covid doesn’t spread to friends," they said.

They said there were a number of parties last night. 

"It’s disappointing to see young people being labelled as selfish again as there as thousands of young people around the country (like me) who’ve been saying no to going to house parties or meeting up in large groups because I have grandparents and know vulnerable people.

"I hope you do post this video because it makes me sick that colleges are put online to prevent this from happening but people are choosing to ignore the guidelines," said the student.

Plans to empower gardai to raid house parties or private indoor gatherings under proposed Covid-19 legislation have been rowed back upon.

The garda spokesperson said: "An Garda Síochána continues to respond to reports of gatherings and engage with communities with a view to implementing the guidelines issued by the Government and HSE in order to minimise the impact of COVID-19 on our community as a whole.

"In supporting the COVID-19 public health guidelines, An Garda Síochána has adopted a graduated policing response based on its tradition of policing by consent. This has seen Garda members engage, educate, encourage and, as a last resort, enforce."

Regarding visitors and social gatherings, the HSE advice is: "Apart from the people you live with, limit the number of people you meet and the time you spend with them. Your risk of getting coronavirus increases as you meet and engage with more people. This is why proper hand washing, respiratory hygiene and social distancing are more important than ever."

According to exclusive figures received by the Limerick Leader last week, a surge in outbreaks from social gatherings, house parties and family clusters has led to an increase in Covid-19 cases in Limerick. There were 66 new cases linked to a total of 18 outbreaks in Limerick in the past two weeks, as of Friday afternoon, September 4.

See the HSE website for more information on protecting yourself and others from the coronavirus