WATCH: Enda Kenny hails Limerick’s resurgence an ‘outstanding success story’

Alan Owens


FORMER Taoiseach Enda Kenny has said Limerick’s resurgence is an “outstanding example of a city and its people that has fought back”.

Speaking at the Limerick Chamber Regional Leaders Programme held at Dell’s campus in Raheen on Tuesday, the former Fine Gael leader said “it is great to see confidence being expressed here in Limerick and in the southwest, you can feel it”.

“Whether that’s about innovation or entrepreneurship or other economic activities. When your new motorway comes from Limerick to Cork it will change the dynamics and the economics of the Mid-West entirely for the next generation,” he explained.

The former Taoiseach praised the contribution of Limerick men Denis Brosnan and former Minister for Finance Michael Noonan for a large portion of that resurgence.

“It didn’t happen by accident, you had political commitment at local level about the expansion of the city. You had a very strong taskforce under Denis Brosnan. That set out a strategy and a position.

“Then you had government responses in terms of in terms of tax and restoring confidence to an economy, fixing our banks and making incentives available for the creation of jobs.

“And your own Michael Noonan here in Limerick was a really solid heavyweight in the political and financial sense in adding stability to us internationally.”

Mr Kenny cited the example of meeting Steven Spielberg in Los Angeles and taking his advice on how to attract filmmakers to Ireland and ultimately Limerick with Troy Studios.

“Having met with Steven Spielberg in Los Angeles he said that if you change your tax position, if you provide schools of graphic design and buildings that are bigger and insulated enough you can make really significant moves in the movie business,” said the former Taoiseach.

“Minister Noonan changed the tax laws in that respect and the evidence is here in Limerick itself, which is outstanding,” he added.