WATCH: Knife-wielding teens cause €2k damage to Limerick nightclub

Fintan Walsh


Fintan Walsh

IN THE LATEST attack on businesses by teen gangs, a group of knife-wielding youths have caused more than €2,000 worth of damage to a Limerick nightclub.

Three teenage boys entered the beer garden at Molly’s nightclub on Ellen Street last week with “12-inch knives”, and did “substantial damage” to glass heaters, CCTV cameras and windows.

Incensed owner Greg Meaney, who viewed the CCTV footage, said that two youths were inside while one stood outside as look-out.

“They smashed the four heaters and they did a nice bit of damage there, and they then moved back to the fire escape door in the beer garden which had a glass panel. And they smashed that.”

He said one youth started throwing the knife at a CCTV camera.

“The knife hopped off the camera and came straight at his shoulder and nearly cut him. He picked up a rock then and threw it at the camera and smashed the camera.”

Dave Ryan, owner of Cobblestone Joe’s on Ellen Street, who has been vocal on the issue of violent youths in the area, has said that politicians “have left the people of Limerick down by drastically cutting the budgets for the gardai”.

“There is rampant drug and pill dealing on the city street corners, blatant savage assaults with the very fabric of law and order being torn to shreds. Currently 12-year-olds carrying 10-inch long knives is a pre-text and an incubation of what’s to come, a future of gangland carnage once again that will be bestowed on our innocent streets.

“Frankly it’s a disgusting depreciation of the memory of those who lost their lives to the gangland in Limerick by the politicians and powers that be who have invariably handcuffed the Gardai through resource cutbacks. The recent appointment of three traffic Gardai tells the full story more of cash generation than that of crime prevention,” he added. 

Mr Meaney is looking to arrange a meeting with chief superintendent Gerard Roche over the issue. 

Gardai have confirmed to the Leader that they are investigating the incident.