WATCH: Limerick girl suffers acute allergic reaction on TV3’s Ireland’s Paramedics

Alan Owens


A FOUR-year-old from Limerick who suffered an acute allergic reaction and her mother's quick reaction feature on this Thursday night's episode of Ireland’s Paramedics.

In episode two of the critically acclaimed TV3 series, a mother’s quick reaction makes a considerable difference when her four-year-old daughter suffers an acute allergic reaction to peanuts.

Meanwhile, Cork based paramedics Peter and Ger respond to a call from man who has fallen from scaffolding while doing DIY work on a roof at home.

Paramedics Laura and Colin help a Polish construction worker suffering serious and unexplainable abdominal pain in Dublin.

Ireland’s Paramedics is produced in conjunction with the HSE National Ambulance Service.

It looks at the highs and lows that patients and paramedic crews face in times of crisis.

"They’re the people we hope, never to need, but when an emergency occurs, they’re all we depend on. This series is the continuing story of the men and women of the HSE National Ambulance Service," say producers.