WATCH: Gardai investigate 'puzzling' theft of banner from Limerick museum

David Hurley


David Hurley


GARDAI are investigating the theft of a large banner from outside the Frank McCourt Museum on Lower Hartstonge Street.

The theft of the banner, which had the words ‘Museum Closed’ Oct 30th’ embroidered in red and black lettering was stolen at around 12.20am last Friday.

It was attached to railings at the entrance to the museum.

“A male wearing a black peak cap and a black jacket, probably in his 30s, approached the banner and untied it carefully. He folded it and placed it under his arm and walked off in the direction of the O Connell monument,” said Garda John Finnerty.

“The banner would have no value whatsoever to anybody else and it’s quite puzzling as to why one would steal it. The banner was expensive to make and has enormous sentimental value to the owner,” he added.

CCTV footage shows the culprit took around a minute to remove the banner and a number of cars can be seen passing by as he carries out the theft.

Una Heaton, who ran the museum for many years said she was shocked at the actions of the individual.

"The museum has now closed and we will be having an auction of the various exhibits, except for some very personal items, including Frank's ashes, which will be returned to his family," she said.