Rearcross Drama Group is The Real McCoy as they commence six shows this Friday night

Donal O'Regan


Donal O'Regan

Rearcross Drama Group is The Real McCoy as they commence six shows this Friday night

Rearcross Drama Group are ready for six nights on stage

THERE are six opportunities to see Rearcross Drama Group’s production of It’s The Real McCoy although it is so good many will go see it twice. The run commences this Friday, March 22 at 8.30pm in the Rearcross Community Hall. Continues on Saturday and Sunday night, March 23 and 24. The actors go back to their day jobs for the week before resuming on Friday, March 29 with two more shows on the Saturday and Sunday.

Tommy Marren’s hilarious three-act comedy is a rip-roaring Irish comedy that will have the audience in tears of laughter.

Fr Michael McCoy in It’s The real McCoy is played by popular Cappamore dairy farmer, Paudie Ryan. Gerry Boyle swaps being the director of Teagasc to being the director of the play.

Paudie says the play is set in the west of Ireland in the spring of 1964 in the cottage of Madge Molly (played by Nancy Armshaw).

“She is a woman in her 60s who has become bitter about men in general after her husband (Paddy McLaughlin) disappeared without a trace or a reason after just four months of marriage, and she expecting their daughter Maura (Joan Corcoran) at the time,” said Paudie.

For over 40 years, Madge has had to live with the shame, and keep things afloat while running the family farm. However, the arrival of a new curate to the parish, Fr McCoy causes a bit of a stir when he attempts to shed some light on the reason behind her husband's disappearance, and his yearning to return to explain everything.

With two nosey neighbours, Nora and Cora O'Hora (Sarah Nolan and Aaron McMahon) Madge has her work cut out to keep news of her husband's reappearance a secret as they regularly appear at the most inappropriate moments. Furthermore, Madge is trying to come to terms with the fact that her daughter has fallen in love with the local postman Martin Daly (Michael Corcoran) who's “a few cards short of the deck”.

“Prepare yourselves for a series of plots and subplots, love stories, twists and turns that will have you on the edge of your seat. Will it be a happy ending or will Madge get her revenge?” says Paudie.