Richard Lynch's balancing act sets Limerick panto star apart

Conor Lynch


Conor Lynch

Richard Lynch's balancing act sets Limerick panto star apart

Richard Lynch stars in UCH's Beauty and the Beast Picture: Sean Curtin

LIMERICKMAN Richard Lynch, who today balances being a producer, actor, presenter and songwriter, is set to star in the upcoming pantomime showing of Beauty and the Beast at Limerick's University Concert Hall from December 19 to January 8. 

The promo for the upcoming panto showing was shot on Tuesday November 1, and speaking to the Leader the following day, Lynch expressed his excitement about next month's show.

"This year I'm doing Beauty and the Beast with my absolute bestie Leanne Moore. She's in the panto every year with me,” Richard gleamed.

"The panto works out amazingly for me because it means that I can take up a block of time to do this one show; a year. In previous years, I have acted alongside the likes of Keith Duffy and Twink," reminisced the pop music producer. 

Lynch, who played Dracula in the Belltable in 2008, remembered how his journey through life impacted where he is at today.

Having graduated from Limerick's Institute of Technology with a degree in Marketing in 1991, Lynch shared that in-doing so, at the age of just nineteen, he became the youngest person in Ireland at the time to graduate with such a degree. 

Determined, however, to take full advantage of his youth, as well as his infectious sociable and fun-loving personality, the Limerick native, who is now the current managing director of I Love, allowed his wings to fly at a young age, as he set his sights on the big apple. 

Admittedly, Richard shared that his twenties were slightly out of control. He recalled: "I went to New York and worked in the club scene for about ten years, dancing and party-promoting, working in restaurants. Just kind of wasting my life."

Having fun? "Yes, having fun. I was young and I was...," he paused reflectively, "getting to know myself."

He continued: "Then when I was 31, I went to acting school in New York and I really calmed my life down. I stopped drinking and partying as much as I did and really started pursuing a career."

And the passionate, multi-talented jack-of-all-trades did just that.

Having worked in New York's highly-renowned Cosmopolitan Magazine under the tough-loving guidance of Denis Anderson, the online media enthusiast also got a gig working for Joanna Jordan, a woman responsible for booking guests on the famous David Letterman US chat show. 

"I loved the whole experience. They both  really pushed me to be better. They really believed in me and they were both legendary as they taught me so much.”

Clearly grateful for his wild but life-learning New York extravaganza, Lynch then slid towards recollecting his humble beginnings as a child growing up on Limerick's St Joseph's Street, where along with eight siblings, he lived upstairs in the family-run pub that his dedicated mother and father ran for more than four decades. 

"My upbringing, well," laughed the welcoming socialite, "I was one of nine children. My parents had a pub for 42 years on St Joseph's Street. Just imagine being one in nine children living in a pub.”

The just-turned 45-year-old producer recalled that, throughout his childhood, as if a house rule, his mother made sure he said hello to everyone in the family's pub, every time the young Lynch walked through the pub to get into his home. 

"This made me the social monster that I am today to be honest with you," he laughed, remembering his childhood days. “I had a full-on chaotic childhood.”

”My parents worked 365 days a year, and (because of their influence) I have a huge work-ethic. I’m a workaholic,” confessed the talented actor. 

Richard, who was named Limerick Person of the Year in 2011, made the permanent switch back to his home city three years previous after his mother had been diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease in 2008.

Currently, Lynch's time is occupied with running Limerick's online media outlet, I Love Limerick, as well as handling his newly-established PR and Marketing company 

"I was working as a full-time carer for eight years and I used to do the panto every year. But now I have actually started my own company, Richard”"

"There was the first Limerick Pride parade in 2007 which I was here for. In 2008 I took over Limerick Pride and I turned it into a week-long festival. I called it '' to make it integrative and inclusive."

"My primary focus," Lynch confessed, "is and will always be ILoveLimerick. That's my brand, that's my baby. That's what I want to keep my focus on.”

”I have a lot going on right now to be honest,” he adds with a laugh.

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